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Transformative Experience

Spend three days with me in Florence, Italy March 21-23, April 18-20, or May 16-18 for a once in a lifetime Transformational Experience on a mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual level while indulging all of your senses in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Each day will start at 11 and end at 11. Sharing is encouraged but not mandatory. This is a positive and safe environment where I encourage open hearts and open minds to allow the transformation to take place. This is a judgement free zone and will only work if you are committed to doing the work. It will be intense, but you will find yourself and go through a magical metamorphosis should you choose.

Every day begins with mindfulness and movement. We will awaken our bodies through breathing and  stretching, learn how to set boundaries, cut cords, listen to what our bodies our telling us, set intentions, as well as journal our experiences, feelings, and thoughts. Then we will release what no longer serves us, and practice silence, meditation, along with guided visualizations. Lots of questions will be asked of you, but the answers are only for your eyes to see. 
We will break for lunch and exploration, but will always stay together as a group. We will return inside to do the work for the second portion of the day, then end the evening with a delicious dinner, before retiring to the hotel for a good night's rest.
Day 1 focuses on your past, patterns, and strengths while we concentrate on your inner child and shadow. This day is the most intense emotionally, but will crack the code to allow you to move forward in life through breathwork and in deep soul work. We will also walk around the Pitti Palace, Boboli Gardens, Santa Spirito, and Ponte Vecchio.
Day 2 we will spend the day looking at your current situation and then consciously design the life of your dreams, in every aspect (career, character, emotional, financial, health, intellectual, relationship, parenting, quality of life, social life, spiritual life, and sex life). This day may be lighter on the emotional side, but heavier on the physical. You will be able to see the Duomo, Piazza Repubblica, Piazza Signoria, the Uffizi, Piazza Michaelangelo, and San Niccolo.
Day 3 this may be the most mentally challenging day as we will meet individually to discuss all that you've learned and where you want to go from here. You will have the day to do as you please outside of our morning routine, private session, lunch, and of course our last supper together. This day is suggested to be in silence and solitude for optimal outcomes during the day, but the choice of what you do is up to you.
Lastly, we will celebrate all that you have accomplished and experienced before we part our separate ways. Everyone who attends the Transformative Experience will have access to me for follow up private coaching packages (1, 3, 6, or 12 months) should you desire the continuation of the work. I cannot wait to work with you and help you achieve a new level of confidence that aligns with your highest self and helping you achieve the life of your dreams...


Secure your spot for only $500, and pay $3000 when you pay two months in advance. Otherwise, the price increases to $3500 one month prior. Payment plans are available. Cost includes hotel accommodations, all meals, coaching, as well as day to night activities/festivities. Required by you- airfare, alcohol, attitude, ability to walk, and an accord that you come prepared and are ready to do the work to make a transformation in your life. This is an inclusive environment. All are welcome.


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