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Conserve your energy

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Conserve your energy

Conserve your energy.

Cut some cords today...

Your energy is your currency
Today is a day that you can consciously cut the cords with someone, something, or some place. Did you know that when we are bound to another or attached to something, we are giving away our energy? I'm sure you've heard the saying 'sucking the life force energy out of me' and there is a reason for it. Our energy can be charged up or depleted by another. We need to be mindful of where our energy goes and what it gives back to us. It is important to take stock of our energy level in different situations, with different people, and different times as well as locations. Our bodies are brilliant. They tell us so many things. This is our inner instinct to know what is best for us. When we feel engaged, lit up, or on fire with people, that feels good. If you're feeling uninspired, judged, or abused, you need to go (or rather, they do). If you're in a toxic relationship, now may be the time to cut the cord and release what no longer serves you. Be conscious of where your energy goes and if it’s worth the energy it takes to put it there. Make sure your energy is going to places that serve you and fill you up with joy, love and light, so you can continue to shine your light for yourself, and those all around you. It's never too late to cut the cord.
Let's talk about energy exchange...
Do you tend to give too much of your energy to people, places and things that are not worth it? Go find people that you can connect with and feel good around. Touch someone's shoulders, feel the energy when you are close to another, and give someone a hug (with consent, of course). When two hearts pound together, magic happens. That is energy exchange. So is having sex. When you're being plugged into (or plugging into someone else) and connecting at a soul level physically, that is the closest you can get get to two becoming one. You are exchanging your energy and charging them up, as they are charging you. Hopefully, they'll be a release at the end, to celebrate the deep soul connection that was shared. But make sure you pay attention as to who you spend your energy with as well as your time. Eventually, they'll both run out... so to conserve, cut ties with those who only suck instead of give. Or schedule a Chess Session with me to talk about it. Chess stands for creative, healthy, explorative, safe sexuality. Let's talk about all your desires, experiences, and fears and how they penetrate the people around you. As you navigate these waters in life, pay attention to who you exchange energies with and how they feed you soul (or if they are just sucking the life out of you). 
The Substitute

Sometimes when I want to be touched, The Substitute does the trick, too. I mean, it's not quite a substitute for that, but it does feel good, regardless. The Substitute will give you a quick fix for that among other things, and because using it is based on breathing, you'll feel even more aroused. When you couple physical touch with concentrated conscious breathing, it heightens your experience. Close your eyes and touch yourself right now. And while you're at it, take three deep breaths. Now, of course you can breathe on your own, but The Substitute is a great tool to use to help you breathe more deeply. You can take a really long drag, but without harmful or unhealthy side effects. In fact, it only has positive side effects. It has no tobacco, no toxins, simply air, which means you can use it anywhere. Even in the bedroom... you can also use it to energetically cut cords. Try it, you might like it.

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When your life force energy is gone, so are you... use it wisely.
Cutting cords can be good for th mind, body, and soul...
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