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It's Do Something Nice Day...

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It's Do Something Nice Day...

It's Do Something Nice Day...

so do something nice!

Make your friends and family smile today.
This holiday encourages us to perform acts of kindness towards our loved ones and/or strangers. Sometimes we get so caught up in our own stresses and struggles that we may forget to show kindness to those around us. Here is a gentle reminder that doing good deeds makes the world a better place, and tends to help us resolve our own problems in the process. Need some ideas?
1. Volunteer! Giving back always feels good. Find an organization that aligns with your interests/values and get involved.
2. Assist a stranger. Extending just a small gesture goes a long way- holding the door for someone, paying for the next person's coffee in line, even offering a tissue to someone who is crying. If it feels right, you can simply ask them to pay it forward as they go throughout their day. Either way, your kind act starts a cycle of others giving back.
3. Call someone just to tell them that you care. It just might make their day! I had a friend reach out last week and it just so happened to be when I was having a moment and needed some love. It is always nice to know that someone is thinking about you. A simple text or voice memo can also go a long way even if you don't have time to chat and catch up. Regardless, this will brighten someone's day...
Do something nice for yourself.
Don't forget to extend the same kindness to yourself. Sometimes it is easier to give to others than doing something kind for yourself. If self care is something that you struggle with, consider scheduling a session with me. We can work together to formulate a plan to make you the priority in your life so that you can give even more to the people around you. Book a Transformative Experience for yourself and watch how three days in Florence will change your life forever, for the better. The best investment you can make is in yourself, and of course once you do, you encourage others to do the same as you share your highest self and all your great gifts with the world around you.
Another nice thing you can do for someone (or even yourself) is to buy THE SUBSTITUTE. THE SUBSTITUTE is a healthy alternative to smoking that reduces stress, anxiety, and depression. There is no tobacco, no toxins, simply air, which means you can use it anywhere. There are so many nice things about THE SUBSTITUTE but possibly the nicest one of all is that with each purchase, a portion of the proceeds goes back to fight cancer. You can give to yourself and others simultaneously with THE SUBSTITUTE. Find yourself giving back. JUST BREATHE.
The Books- Available on Amazon and Audible
You only live once, so do something nice every day to make it count!
For your own mental, emotional, and physical well being, do something nice today...
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Find yourself.