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It's International Women's Day!

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It's International Women's Day!

Happy International Women's Day!

What a time to be a woman...

A day to celebrate our divinity

If one woman ever needed an excuse to celebrate herself, today would be that day. On International Women's Day, we are reminded of all the things we as women have done and will continue to do to advance our communities, economies, families, politics, and social statuses. Yet, we still have so much work to do. In an era where equality seems to elude some of us, it stresses the importance of the uprising of the divine feminine energy that has been pushed down over the centuries. We have been riding the wave of wounded masculinity for a while now, and when women rise to their natural state of power and influence, everyone benefits. The divine feminine energy is a spiritual and cultural concept embodying qualities associated with femininity such as intuition, empathy, nurturing, creativity, and interconnectedness (all really great traits in my opinion, and ones that we desperately need right now). Wounded masculine energy refers to the paralyzing effects from the polarization of modern masculinity, often associated with aggression or timidity, emotional suppression or over expression, and unhealthy competition or lack of it (hopefully you can see that these are not so great of qualities). On the flip side, the divine masculine energy is like tapping into a source of empowerment, confidence, and stability. It helps you take charge of life with purpose and responsibility. It's about being assertive yet compassionate, decisive yet thoughtful. It manifests in daily life through actions and behaviours that embody its core traits, such as leadership, resilience, and emotional intelligence. It's seen in those who take responsibility for their decisions, approach challenges with strength and empathy, and offer guidance to others without dominating. Lastly, the wounded feminine energy is all about suffering, and this suffering is projected into the world as low self-worth. Nearly every action comes from a place of deficit, feeling not enough and needing to be seen and validated in unhealthy ways, a woman will compromise her values, integrity and commitments to self. Maybe it’s overworking, lacking healthy boundaries around how others speak to her, saying yes too often, compromising her values or expressing an over-sexualized version of self to feel better about who she is in the world. This energy resides within all of us, but it is our choice as to how we show up every day. Make the commitment today to stand in your (healthy) power, and use your voice and body for good. 

Where are you at?
How does all of that make you feel? Where do you fall on the spectrum of these characteristics? It is important to see where we are to know where we want to go. If you find that you are in the wounded feminine or masculine energy (and we all have both of these energies within us, regardless of gender) take stock of how it is affecting your life, your relationships, your job, and your home. You get to choose how you show up every day, but it is hard to break patterns that no longer serve us. If you desire to step into the best version of yourself for not only you, but everyone else you come in contact with along this journey called life, consider working with me one on one. I can help you become more aware of the patterns in your life, where they came from, and how to break them so you can heal and grow into the man or woman you were designed to be. Celebrate where you are and know that on the other side of what may seem like difficult questions and times, you can get to where you want to be. 
The Substitute

Another way for us all to be empowered is to just breathe. Do you remember when you were a kid and were sent to time out? It's a shame that we constitute that as a negative, but what we were actually given was time. To huff and puff and cry and reflect, even though we weren't really explained how to deal with all those emotions. But once we stood there or sat down for a minute, we all calmed down (well, maybe some of us). But wouldn't it be nice to take a time out now as adults? This is what we all crave, a little break from it all, right? I can tell you based on my experience that taking the time to sit with what is is medicine for the soul. And when you couple that with deep breathing, you can actually heal, process, transform that energy (emotion is energy in motion), into something positive. What does The Substitute have to do with this? It is something tangible in the palm of your hands to hold, twist, turn, smack, but most importantly (and helpful I might add) is that it reminds you to take a deep breath. Then you realize how much better you feel, so you take another deep breath. Then another. Next thing you know, you're using it without even thinking and you slowly start transmuting all that trauma into a breath of fresh air. Don't believe me, try it for only $20 and get free international shipping. You'll be happy you did and more empowered too.

The Books- Available on Amazon and Audible (and Italian!)
You only live once… do it in a positive way. You have the power within you.
You mind, body, and soul will thrive when you embrace your divinity within. 
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