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It's Let It Go Day...

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It's Let It Go Day...

Let it go...

just release it.

Release what no longer serves you

I know I talk about this all the time, and talking about things is easier than actually doing them, but talking does help. However, when you are constantly retelling the stories of the past, you are keeping that story alive. Today is a great day to start practicing letting go of the stories of your past and releasing any negativity that came along for that ride. It's time to drop off some baggage and lighten the load. By letting go of these things, you can create space for wonderful new things to come into your life. Coming to this point does take time, and much effort. Just imagine how long you have been telling this story. It is part of your life. But when you change the way you think, speak, and act, your life begins to shift. Yes, you have to catch yourself constantly not to fall back into the same patterns, but over time, you can start to accept what has happened, what is, to enjoy what will be. If you keep living in the past, you will go nowhere. Being in the present moment is all we actually have, and by truly living and enjoying what we have in those moments, we can create an abundant future filled with limitless possibilities.

Need help letting go?

If you or someone you know needs help releasing something (or someone for that matter), consider scheduling a session with me. I can help you shift your mindset into a more positive way of being and show you just how strong you are while you lighten your load. I hold space for people to share their stories and to move forward from them so they can start writing the next chapter of their lives. What is holding you back? What can you clear out so that you can create space for something new? How much better will you feel once you surrender to what is instead of what you would like it to be? The truth will set you free and liberate you into the great unknown. Just let it go... 


Ah, it feels so good to take a deep breath in and out. When is the last time you took a deep breath? If you're like most people, you probably can't remember. Most people, without realizing it, are holding their breath, which creates stress on the body and the brain. When we are in a state of fight or flight, we tend to move at the speed of light, and aren't aware of the damage it is doing to us. We are not designed to stay in constant stress, yet in today's society, many of us are stressed the fuck out. What if we could change that? Oh wait, we can. THE SUBSTITUTE is a reminder to JUST BREATHE. It has no tobacco, no toxins, simply air, which means you can use it anywhere. The breath is what calms down the nervous system. And when you exhale, you release all the bad emotions out of you. And that makes you feel better. It also aids in digestion, weight control, sleeping habits, reduces depression, stress, anxiety, blood pressure, heart rate, increases stamina, boosts energy levels, promotes cell rejuvenation, relives pain and tension in the body, relaxes the mind and body, brings mental clarity, and releases toxins. THE SUBSTITUTE can help you release what no longer serves you throughout the day, anytime something comes up.

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Please join me every Monday at 9pm CET on Instagram Live as I talk about life and such. This is my way to have a conversation with the world about some subjects that may be taboo or touchy. For me, there is no such thing. Please feel free to leave a comment or ask a question. This week I talked about how to renew and next week I'm talking about how to release. Be a part of the conversation and follow the journey @kendraleonard. 
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