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It's National I Want You to be Happy Day!

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It's National I Want You to be Happy Day!

It's National I Want You to be Happy Day!

Today, you can be the person that makes others smile...

A chance to brighten someone's day

Don't you just love people that spread cheer everywhere they go? Today is your opportunity to be that person. Numerous studies have shown one key factor to finding and maintaining our own happiness is to do something to make others happy. In fact, one study revealed physiological effects when subjects donated to a charity. It’s known as the “helper’s high” with the brain releasing feelings of happiness and reward, prompting people to do even more kind acts. And it's also contagious. When someone witnesses another person doing something kind (holding a door open, lending a helping hand, paying it forward, etc.) they tend to follow suit. See the domino effect of your generosity and spread that joy everywhere you go. You'll find that by being extra nice or just simply smiling, you'll feel better and change the dynamic of others throughout your day. Try it! I'd love to hear your experience... 

Need help being more cheerful?

Consider scheduling a session with me. I can help you shift your mindset from negative to positive. It just takes a little practice and before you know it, you'll be spreading love everywhere you go. You'll feel lighter, brighter, and better. Synchronicities will start to happen. You'll see the world differently. What goes around, comes around...

Spend three days with me in Italy

The Transformative Experience will completely change your life. You will learn how to be happy with what you have. You will realize the abundance that surrounds you. You will feel like you are in control, all while letting go of the need to have it. I know that sounds like a contradiction (what can I say, I'm a pisces), but it's true. The more you come to discover how calmness of mind allows you to comfortably be in almost any situation (or encourages you to have healthy boundaries in check to maintain that peace), you will confidently learn how to navigate any situation in life that comes your way. You will also learn to love and appreciate your body, how to take care of it daily, and have the desire to do so. Lastly, you will learn how to enjoy the little things in life every day and be grateful for all the experiences that you have. Invest in yourself. Doing so will make you the happiest!

The Substitute

Another way to make people happy is to just breathe. I know that sounds so simple, but think about it for a minute. When you're in the middle of an argument that you don't want to be in, simply taking a breath and hitting the pause button can really help you (and the other person) calm down. In fact, the fastest way to calm down the nervous system is to breathe. The Substitute is a tool that helps you remember to do just that. Instead of responding or reacting in the moment, try taking a breath or three. They say it takes 20 drags to finish a cigarette, that's why most people go out to smoke in the first place, is to 'get a breath of fresh air' but instead, a cigarette does more harm than good. You'll notice how much calmer you feel and less volatile you'll become by taking in a few deep inhales and exhales. And by eliminating all the bad stuff instead of keeping it inside of you, you no longer store it in your body, which allows you to feel lighter, brighter, and better. Try it. Your short and long term happiness depends on it.
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We are meant to enjoy our lives and be happy.
Happiness is a state of mind, that affects the body, and allows the soul to shine.
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