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Let's talk about an alternative...

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Let's talk about an alternative...

The beautiful thing about this life is that we are all having our individual human experiences that contribute to the collective whole, and each one of us is diverse in our perspectives and experiences. That is why it is essential to be open-minded and learn from other people who are different from you. Can you imagine if we were all the same?! That would be such a boring world. But sometimes, when we see people who look different from us, we judge them. If we are blessed with the gift of sight, this can be a struggle, to not judge people based on their outside appearance, yet this is what most of us do. Which is why I always encouraged people to look their best because prior to opening your mouth to share your ideas, you have already visually made an impression on whoever has seen you, and they have likely made up their mind about you before you have been able to utter a word.

However, if we can remove the lens of judgment, maybe even close our eyes, we can hear what another person is saying and actually listen. And I don't mean listening so you can interject or add your thoughts, but hear exactly where they are coming from and try to 'see' things from their point of view. Did you know that our personalities are formed by the age of five? That means that your mindset was formed by all that you were exposed to as a young child. For those of us who had loving parents, we are the lucky bunch. But have you ever stopped to consider how many people did not have that luxury? Maybe they were orphans, or maybe they were neglected by the ones who were supposed to love them the most. By finding out about a person's upbringing, you can try to understand where that other person came from and how their frame of reference might alter their view of life.

And that is the point. Using our five senses (if we have them- thanks to covid, many have lost their sense of taste and smell :/) can help us be present and in the moment with whatever we are faced with. That means using our eyes to connect with another soul and paying attention to our facial expressions when we are interacting with others now that we are all having to hide underneath our masks, smelling the fragrance of another who walks past you on the street that sparks your curiosity, applying our words with kindness and compassion to seek the truth and understanding, hearing the words of another who may just change your mind.

Lastly, our sense of touch may be the most important one of all, yet in this last year we have all been deprived of physical affection. I believe that physical touch (it's obviously one of my love languages) is paramount to our well being. The skin is the largest organ of the body. We are meant to experience life through this lens as well. Feeling the air hit our face, the water at our feet, the earth supporting us and the fire inside us burning to come out and play. By paying attention and being thankful for all you have, you can and will live abundantly. It is through this lens that we can choose happiness no matter what is going on in our lives. If we are still here, and we can still breathe, then we have much to be grateful for. 

Today is Ferragosto, a holiday celebrated in all of Italy. Literally everything shuts down and people are basically forced to go on vacation. (Sounds nice, huh?) Last year when I was here on my sabbatical, I kept asking what it was, and everyone kept saying, 'August 15th!' but I never understood what they were celebrating and why. So, of course I turned to Google and found out that it was in observance of the ascension of Mary's mind, body, and soul into heaven. And of course, since my book, mind.body.soul. was ready to come out last year, but I wasn't, I missed tying it to this massive festivity (and you guys know how I like to connect things).

So in honor of Ferragosto this year, I had it translated into Italian, so I could announce that my book is now officially offered in two languages. I've been told I'm a bit unconventional, but I believe that I am being brought to Italy to push the needle forward in terms of progress in an attempt to help others live an alternative lifestyle in this unhealthy world that we have created. So, I am asking that if you have thought about getting my book, but haven't, would you do so today? 

I've been told that my books are inspirational and have helped a lot of people, but I want to help more. You can help me get the word out by clicking the link and purchasing my book today, by sharing this message with people who may appreciate living a happier, healthier life, or by leaving a review of my book if you have already read it. Organically, this will bring my book, mind.body.soul. to the top of searches and will expose my message to more people around the world. And how cool it would be to have this happen on the day that represents mind, body, soul!

I'm a firm believer that we can do more together and by sharing simple truths and being vulnerable, we all can benefit and grow. Thank you all for your overwhelming love and support and please share this message with those who need to hear/see/smell/taste/feel it. 

And lastly, don't forget that you are here to live! Take a break, go to the beach, ride up to the top of a mountain or simply take a walk in the park. Mother nature is free and she doesn't cost a thing. But her energy and healing powers are priceless.


Just breathe. It's air, not a vape, not an e-cig, just a simple tool to remind us to inhale peace and exhale what is no longer serving us. My cure to the cancer we create in our own bodies by not dealing with our emotions in a healthy way. There are some things we can prevent, just as we create the life we live. Consider the alternative...