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Take pride in yourself...

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Take pride in yourself...

Take pride in yourself...

and come to our pride party and last gallery showcase with Marco Fariello this weekend!

How proud are you?

When it comes to pride, we tend to think of our character, or the character of others, in a dignified sense of self. We also love how during the month of Pride we get to celebrate the audacity of others just simply being themselves and joyously parading about their importance in this world. It is worth noting though, that we should be proud of ourselves. In today's society we get conflicting messages. Let me be real clear here, you should be proud of yourself. Did you realize that there is only one of you in the entire universe, and that no one else likes you exists?! This is why it is satisfying to give yourself credit where credit is due. And when we do make mistakes, because we are only human after all, it is just as equally imperative that we own up to our mistakes and not allow our pride to get in the way of apologizing when we step out of line. Part of displaying this trait is also knowing when to be humble and offer forgiveness if we are to remain in our integrity. Forgiveness Day was yesterday and Sunday was let it go day. If you happen to be sitting on an enormous amount of people/things that you need to forgive/release consider lightening your load. And never be too proud to ask for forgiveness or let go of someone or something that is no longer serving you. For when you are not serving yourself, you cannot serve others either, and in order to do so, your pride must be tempered with trust and knowing that you deserve to be loved and living your life to the fullest regardless of what others may or may not think about you. So take a good long look in the mirror today and ask yourself how proud are you of the person you are becoming. Because no one else but you can do the things you only you can do, and only you know the true potential of what you are capable of doing in this lifetime, so please yourself.

Be proud of what you're wearing.

Do you have that certain piece in your wardrobe that makes you stand a little taller or smile a bit brighter just cause you know you look good in it? Those are the types of clothes that I plan to continue to design. Since my first collection is the God/dess Collection (as many pieces are also unisex), I have made it my goal for you to feel that power that you have within, expressed without. Every piece in this collection is a must have for your wardrobe, knowing that they not only make you look good, but feel good too. Take a look for yourself and see the first half of the collection. I am having my first big reveal at The Lodge on Tuesday, July 9th, so please mark your calendar and come for an aperitif and witness Gods and Goddesses floating around at the top of Florence. See how when you wear something that is flattering at every age, color, shape, and size, you start to not only identify your outer self, but an expression of your inner higher self too. Take, for instance, the Balanced Jumpdress. This exquisite number can be worn a number of ways (as all my clothing is meant to satisfy many occasions and styles), but also casually and elegantly. Feel like you are dancing through this life as you exercise, break it down at the club, waltz into a dinner party, or strut your stuff down the runway of life. You can also wear it off the shoulders, layered over a shirt, or under a jacket, cardigan, or blazer to give it another look as you transform throughout the day.    

Need help discovering your pride?
If you or someone you know needs help coming out of the metaphorical closet (or if you have come out of the closet and need help growing your pride even more), consider scheduling a session with me. Together we can address your self sabotaging behaviors or any negative self talk that may be holding you back from expressing the truest version of who you are to the world. You are a gift and we all need your light to shine bright so that we can all be proud of all that you are doing to contribute to this magnificent world we live in. Once you discover what makes you proud first, you can start finding the joy in also celebrating the confidence of others. If you find yourself threatened by others' happiness, it shows that you yourself are not happy within. Reflect to others the best version of yourself, with full pleasure and pride.
Final Gallery Showcase for Marco Fariello this Saturday at 7pm

If you missed the opportunity to come to the first celebration of Marco Fariello and his amazing artwork, please come this Saturday as we host another Gallery Showcase in his honor! Even if you did come before, there is a whole other side of the store to discover, as I knocked down the wall to connect the two spaces, so we now have two more rooms filled with beautiful paintings (not to mention my beautiful daughter who posed for him during this month). So come out Saturday to meet the artist and sip on some wine as we celebrate art and life with Marco one last time before he departs. This is an event you definitely don't want to miss and it's free...

The Substitute 

When you're feeling down and out, cause let's be real, we can't always be happy all the time, take some time to just breathe. The Substitute is a healthy reminder to do some deep breathing to boost your energy levels and lift your spirits. You will be amazed how you can be just high on life by focusing on the breath. And, by using The Substitute, you will automatically start to be better. You will realize the power and control that you have not only in your finger tips, but your lungs, and once you start practicing regularly, you will start regulating your nervous system, reducing your stress and anxiety, and even depression. Don't believe me, just try it. One lasts a lifetime, is charitable, durable, and accessible.  

The Books- Available on Amazon and Audible (and Italian!)
You only live once so be proud of the life you're living...
Take pride in your thoughts, your body, and your honoring your soul...
Intimate Conversations with Lady Kendra
Join me every Monday at 9pm CET on Instagram Live as I talk about life and such. This is my way to have a conversation with the world about some subjects that may be taboo or touchy. For me, there is no such thing. Plus this is the only way we can grow and learn about each other is through having deeper conversations about things that matter. Please feel free to leave a comment or ask a question. This week I talked about forgiveness. Be a part of the conversation in person from 7-9pm at TAOS Lounge and follow the journey @kendraleonard.
Mindfulness and Movement
I also invite you to join me every Wednesday morning from 9-11 am as I share my mediation and yoga practice with the community. Each month I will shift the focus to a different chakra so we can not only align them, but our bodies as well. This is a safe space where all are welcome. Please bring your mat, a bottle of water, and a 20€ donation to The Substitute Society. We will begin with deep breathing as we stretch our bodies and thank them for carrying us through each and every day. This is a time to center yourself, quiet the noise from the outside world, and love yourself as you invest time in you. Movement does a body good, and mindfulness does good for us all. See what you're capable of doing when you quiet the mind.
Find yourself.