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Time to heal.

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Time to heal.

Time to heal.

It's your karmic destiny...

Acknowledge and accept your wounds

A special celestial event has just taken place- Chiron (otherwise known as the wounded healer) aligned in the North Node in Aries, which we might think of a karmic compass point. When discussing karma, or the belief in multiple lifetimes, the Nodes are often on the center stage. The North Node represents the person we're evolving into, while the South Node is believed to hold insights into our past lives, the roles we’ve played, and all the positive and challenging experiences that came with it. If you're into astrology or spirituality, you may already know this, but for those of you who don't, let me shed some light on this subject. Because Chiron represents our unique wounds and experiences, it’s up to us to find our own path to healing. Of course we can use astrology as a tool to gain insight into our wounds and potential for healing, but ultimately, it’s up to us to do the work. Chiron’s teachings offer a profound message of hope and healing for all those who are struggling with their wounds. But what does this all mean for the collective? Well, the North Node in Aries and Chiron in Aries (which hasn't happened since February 1969) are supporting us to step into our missions, and removing any narratives of self doubt. Ultimately encouraging us to become our fullest selves. Yet at the same time to become all that we are, we have to look into our core wounds that have been holding us back. The magic lies in addressing these wounds, unlocking parts of ourselves that have remained trapped in the past. It empowers us to break free from the cycle of endlessly replaying old conversations and experiences. Once we do this and embrace our unique experiences as gifts, we then extend that same grace to others. If we don't see our differences as gifts, we'll constantly feel pressured to fit into narrow societal norms. Norms that often make us shrink into ourselves or question our self-worth. Fuck that.

Need some help healing?
The path to healing is not easy, and it requires patience, self-compassion, and a willingness to face our pain and discomfort head-on (this is why most people don't want to do the work). However, when we commit to our healing journey, we can emerge stronger, wiser, and more compassionate than ever before. Oftentimes, we attempt to escape or numb our pain, but this only makes us suffer longer. By confronting our wounds and working through our pain, we increase our knowledge and intuition and are able to transform it to help others who are dealing with similar issues. So whether you’re struggling with a past trauma, a difficult relationship, or a deep sense of insecurity, remember that you have the potential to heal and convert your pain into a source of wisdom and compassion. They say the greatest healers are those who have experienced deep pain and suffering themselves, that is where I come in. I have done the work (and will continue to do so), but my experience of being a mother at 20, a widow at 30, and losing my business after 40, has allowed me to experience some pretty harsh realities. The beauty I find in this process, is being able to help others uncover their truths, and the darkness within them, and to transmute their pain and suffering from their past into their greatest achievement of living an incredible life in the future, by being fully present in this here and now moment. If you are ready to do the work along your journey to self discovery, please consider allowing me to guide you along the way. Here you will find a safe space to share your deepest secrets, hopes, and fears with someone who is non-judgemental of where you have been, where you are, where you want to go, and can help you get there. But first, the healing must take place. Now is the time... 
The Substitute

Another way to heal yourself is to just breathe. Breath is life and is the natural force of energy to help our bodies heal, seriously. We don't need to take pills or drugs to cure us (ok, maybe we need a few of them), but I would encourage you to try a holistic approach first. By consciously breathing, you can reduce your blood pressure and heart rate, relieve physical pain and tension in the body, correct your posture, reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, relax your mind and body, massage organs, sharpen nervous system, enhance blood quality, detoxify and release toxins, increase stamina, aid digestion and assist in weight control, improve sleeping habits, boost energy levels, and promote cell rejuvenation, helping you look younger. The Substitute is what I call my cure to cancer because it gives us what we need instead of reaching for another bandaid to temporarily fix our problems (which causes other problems later). When you take long inhales and exhales, you will notice the effect it has on you. Do it consistently, and find that a lot of your problems disappear (this is what the pharmaceutical companies don't want you to figure out). Our bodies are machines and if we give them what they need, they can not just survive, but thrive! Don't believe me, try one for only $20 and get free international shipping. The Substitute also doubles as a pointer, hand smacker, ass slapper, back scratcher, thinking stick, dancing companion, and magic wand. In addition, it twists and turns allowing your hands to be busy. Consider this a healthy alternative to not only smoking, but a natural remedy for many ailments. It also has no tobacco, no toxins, simply air, which means you can use it anywhere- planes, trains, cars, bars, restaurants, clubs, offices, hospitals, hotels, yoga studios, hair salons, shops, schools, church, work, wherever. Just breathe. By the way, if you're interested in being a wholesaler, let me know. And you should know, a portion of the proceeds goes back to the fight against cancer.

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You only live once (in this lifetime), so heal yourself and make the most out of it.
Healing yourself is good for your mind, body, and soul...
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