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Are you still grieving or have you been able to let go?

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Are you still grieving or have you been able to let go?

Are you still grieving or have you been able to let go?
It is a process...
Only time and space heal wounds.
It has been a year and a half since I lost my clothing store, The Art of Style. It seems so weird now to function outside of the wonderful world of retail that I have known since I was 15 years old. And I miss it. I miss my clients the most, interacting with them daily and learning about them and their lives. I miss the fashion shows and discovering new collections and designers that inspire me. And even though I decided not to reopen my store, it left a huge hole in my heart, my soul.
The death of my identity rebirths anew.
I did not die that day, but a part of my identity did. Who was I if I didn't own The Art of Style? Since then, I have been working on shedding my ego and continue to do so. It has been hard. But one thing didn't die that day- my vision of revolutionizing retail. My soul still lights up when I think about TAOS (even though the thought of reopening it did make me cringe). But I still want to help people find themselves through clothing, which is why I have decided to franchise my store, for that legacy to live on in others. So, if you are a proselyte and have the passion to serve others, let's talk. I am officially opening up the TAOS Franchise for a select few. Only one person per major city will be allowed to buy into the franchise. Explore the possibility.
Going through the seven stages of grief.
The seven emotional stages of grief are usually understood to be shock or disbelief, denial, bargaining, guilt, anger, depression, and acceptance/hope. I totally remember being in complete shock and not being able to speak or stand up straight. It took me two months to properly function again. I was in denial for quite some time too. Even when I was emptying my store and throwing all my life's work away, it was kind of like a zombie moment. It definitely reminded me of the way I felt after my husband died. The bargaining phase goes hand in hand with guilt, and this was the most difficult aspect for me. I felt like I let my community down. Anger was something I've always struggled with because I don't get angry. Nor have I ever really struggled with depression, as positivity is my number one strength, but I was definitely sad at times for sure. But now, I finally have hope and acceptance of what is and what could be.
Need help dealing with loss?
If you or someone you know is struggling with the loss of someone or something, I can help. Please consider scheduling a session with me.
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