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Let's talk about change...

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Let's talk about change...

Let's talk about change...
the only thing constant in life.
How do you change?
It takes a lot of discipline, because it takes 40 times to make a habit. That means not only breaking an old habit, but forming new, healthier ones. So besides discipline, it takes self control, and desire. A desire to make a change. No one else can make you do anything. You have to want a change to occur, then pour a ton of effort into actually making it happen. But how gratifying is it when you accomplish what it is you set your mind out to do? Sometimes we think impossible things, but thinking makes it so possible. Everything we experience was once an idea in someone's mind. So if there's something you want to change, think about it. Then come up with creative solutions to execute your brilliant idea. Together we can change this world for the better...
When do you change?
You change when you really, really want to. Like I mentioned earlier, no one else can change you. Which also means that you cannot change anyone else. If that's ever your angle, let me help you by telling you now that your plan to change someone else is not going to work. So that brings me back to starting with yourself. You change when you are no longer content with what you have going on in your life. You change when it is the right time for you to change. You also change when you are faced with the same situation over and over again until you learn the lesson. And then you move on to the next level of change that will occur once that lesson has been learned. Life is a beautiful thing, and it is always changing and evolving with the changes you are making along the way.
Want to change?
If you are ready to make a change towards a healthier life (mentally, emotionally, verbally, physically, or spiritually), please consider scheduling a soul session with me. Together we can explore the life you desire and how to get it.
The Substitute
Another positive change you can make is by reducing stress in your life. One way to do that is to breathe. Did you know the only way to calm down the nervous system is to breathe? If you'd like to have a device to help you, consider using The Substitute. No tobacco, no toxins, simply air. Just breathe.
Intimate Conversations with Lady Kendra
Please join me every Monday on Instagram Live as I talk about life and such. This is my way of having open conversations with people all over the world about topics that may appear to be taboo. Feel free to leave a comment or ask a question. I'm an open book. This week I talked about change. If you missed it, you can follow me @kendraleonard and check out my intimate conversations to learn more...
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