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Share the love!

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Share the love!

Share the love!

Love cures all things. 

Alone does not mean lonely
In today's society, the singles tend to get a bad rap, but after being single for several years now, I'm wondering if we all shouldn't be spending more time alone these days. Obviously covid taught us a thing or two about being alone, but there is much to learn in solitude. And it should be more celebrated instead of shunned, especially at this time of year. Normally, I'd be hosting my 'singles day celebration' with all my single friends, but this year (at the recommendation of a married friend), I've decided to host a 'celebration of love' instead. You know, to be more inclusive and open minded. We never know what someone's relationship is really like or what they might be into, so why exclude people just because they are in a partnership or vice versa? Let's normalize the concept of being single and let's celebrate the concept of love in general. Regardless of whether you are with someone or not these days, I encourage you to spend time alone in solitude, love on yourself, and share your love with another. And if you are feeling lonely these days, get out of the house, go for a walk in nature, get creative, dance, call up a friend or family member, reframe, and practice gratitude. Loneliness is often described as social pain or an unpleasant emotional response to perceived isolation or lack of connection. Reconnect with others to find yourself once again.
Need help getting connected again?
Sometimes when we feel lonely or have gone through a break up, we can have a hard time putting ourselves back out there. If you find yourself stuck in this emotional/mental/physical spiral, considering scheduling a session with me to rebuild your confidence and self esteem. You'll find solace in talking about what you are going through and with a little help, you'll be on your feet again, ready to take on the world. Give yourself some time and grace, but if you are needing someone to share a sacred space with you to allow your emotions to unfold, trust yourself to get some help. Together we can heal your wounds and put the pieces back to together to get you back out there.
The Substitute
If you are wanting to share some love with someone in the way of a little token of appreciation, consider The Substitute as gift this Valentine's Day. It's the perfect gift for anyone who smokes, cause they can smoke it anywhere and inside, as it has no tobacco or toxins, only air. They would no longer need to leave the restaurant to smoke a cigarette or step outside the store to smoke. And for the rest of the humans who do not smoke, The Substitute is a mental health accessory to calm down your nervous system. It also it good for your heart, your brain, and your body. No tobacco. No toxins. Simply air. Just breathe. 
My Books- Available on Amazon and Audible
You may only live once, but you can love multiple times. Keep your heart open.
Share the love by sharing my books with those who are going through their journey of being single.
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