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It's Evaluate Your Life Day

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It's Evaluate Your Life Day

It's Evaluate Your Life Day

How do you assess your life at this moment?

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With every transformation, an evaluation must take place to raise levels of awareness as to where you are versus where you want to be. One good way to do that, and one that I guide you through during private coaching sessions as well as the Transformative Experiences, is to assess your life based on the following categories: career, character, emotional, financial, health, intellectual, life vision, love relationship, parenting, quality of life, social, spiritual, and sexual. Do a basic 1-10 ranking for each of these categories to see how you feel about your current situation. If you need help going through each of these or figuring where you want to go or how to get to where you want to go, consider scheduling a session with me or get on my calendar to come to a Transformative Experience in Florence, Italy to restore your mind, body, and soul for three days. This is just one of the many things that we do to see how you are stacking up to the goals you have set out for your life. But the journey starts with you...
Couples/Group/Individual Transformative Experiences

This year, I am hosting Couples Transformative Experience every month for three days in Florence, Italy. Of course I also host Group and Individual Transformative Experiences per your request and your schedule for any of those who are ready to do the work and want to take their lives to the next level. These days will be spent co-creating the life in which you desire, and you do deserve that which you desire. You will learn that you have everything you need to help you transform in all areas of your choosing. This is an energetic time full of claiming your personal power through learning, love, and growth to step into your light. Custom tailored to the couple. group, or individual for optimal outcomes. Magical metamorphosis will happen during this session. Pick your dates and let me know when you're ready for transformation... I look forward to seeing you in Florence as we shift towards the future.


If you didn't notice that health was one of the categories on this appraisal of your life, let me take a moment to remind you that your health is your wealth. Without your health, all areas of your life will most likely suffer. And you choose your own suffering, too. Instead, why don't you choose you, choose this one body you have that carries you around each day, every day, and take care of it. Eat well, sleep well, take care of your emotional and mental health, otherwise it will manifest into a physical problem. We do get warning signs, it's just whether we choose to address them or ignore them. One simple way to help restore your health is by simply breathing. THE SUBSTITUTE is an accessory that helps you to JUST BREATHE. It has no tobacco, no toxins, simply air, which means you can use it anywhere- think planes, trains, taxis, bars, restaurants, school, church, work wherever. Breathe your way to a higher state of consciousness, a life without anxiety or depression, and eliminate stress. Get a better night's sleep, control your weight, reduce your blood pressure or heart rate by taking long inhales and exhales. We have everything we need to heal. All we need to do is JUST BREATHE. Try it for only $20 and get free international shipping. See how this one tiny shift in your daily life can impact all the areas of your life..

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One life is enough if you do it right...
Take the time to ask yourself how your mind, body, and soul are doing.
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