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What are you using as a substitute?

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What are you using as a substitute?



I am not a therapist, but I am an International Master Certified Life Coach and can help get you back on track. Think of me as an alternative to therapy where there is no judgement, only acceptance and a space holder for you to share your thoughts. Schedule a session with me anytime, anywhere.




Two years ago when I turned forty, I ended up in the hospital with pneumonia. Although I was mostly a social smoker when drinking alcohol, I decided maybe I shouldn't be doing that anymore. So I discovered what I now like to call 'The Substitute.' This is a psychological tool that can be used to inhale much like a cigarette, but without the harmful affects. It literally is a cigarette extender (thank you Disney for releasing Cruella this year) but without the attachment, so it's basically like a straw used to inhale air. It also serves as my thinking stick, hand occupier, and orchestrator device. It's also fun to dance with and wave like a wand when walking around. I like to think of it as magic, but it is really simple. This tool has helped me not smoke so much and allows me to get the same feeling, but better. You see, we simply just need to breathe when we are stressed, or wanting a distraction from life. All too often we find ourselves looking to social media or a substance, or even a person to distract us from whatever we are dealing with. I encourage you to stop distracting yourself and to sit with what is. And if that stresses you out, The Substitute might really help you expel and release the burden within...