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Are you speaking your truth or biting your tongue?

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Are you speaking your truth or biting your tongue?

Are you speaking your truth or biting your tongue?

Choose your words carefully...

Share your positive thoughts.

Today is Compliment Day, and for those who ready my last post, yes, I've gone through the calendar and will be sharing some new days to celebrate. I always did like to say that I celebrate every day of the year. And oh, how I love to offer compliments to people! Compliments are polite expressions of praise or admiration. Now, I don't offer vacant compliments, I mean what I say and when I feel compelled to compliment someone- on their smile, on their outfit, on a job well done, etc., I do. And you know what? It feels so good to make someone's day brighter. It can be the smallest thing, but you never know just how much your positive words and thoughts shared can have an impact on someone's day. Try it! (And you can do it everyday.)

Speak your truth.
Speaking your truth means that you stay true to who you are, whether it's your feelings, opinions, or morals. You should never hide what you feel for the sake of someone else's approval of you. It doesn't work that way. Rather, you should stay true to your own thoughts and statements, no matter what anyone else may think. While it's easier said than done, you won't ever regret speaking your truth. Even if you could probably avoid conflict or tension, you'll never look back on it. It reflects your courage and overall integrity. Being true to who you are can never be wrong. 

Need help finding your voice?

So many people that I have guided over the years have a difficult time standing in their truth. And now, more than ever, knowing who you are and what you stand for can be divisive, but it doesn't have to be. It's never what you say, but how you say it. So delivery is of the utmost importance, which I suggest doing with love. But when you stop being afraid of what everyone else thinks of you, and speak your truth with love, your voice inspires others to do the same. So not speaking your truth hurts you the most, and right now, everyone needs your light. If you need help getting your light turned back on, I can help. Consider booking a session or speaking engagement with me. Check out my Creative Mornings speech for some courage...
The biggest compliment to me...

The biggest compliment I receive, is when people share my information with others whom they think it would benefit. I love what I do and helping people along with making them smile is what I have always wanted to do since I was a little girl. Now I am living my dream life in Italy by speaking to people all over the world (just landed another speaking engagement which I am so humbled and grateful for!) along with inspiring others to chase their dreams too. When people tell me how their lives have been impacted by our sessions together, and how much they are thriving afterwards, that brings me so much joy. I've had the pleasure of working with some amazing individuals and look forward to helping so many more people find themselves along this journey called life. Thank you all for shining bright...

Find yourself.