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Being emotional...

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Being emotional...

Being emotional...

and getting excited for our next Gallery Showcase with Jerry Herman this Friday!

Feeling all of your emotions

This month was another roller coaster filled with ups and downs, and plenty of twists and turns. However, as I rode through the storm of life and all its unexpected events, I realized that I handled my emotions (for the most part) very well, all things considered. After all, it was raining in my house last week. But I was super grateful it was not the week before. What I am discovering, is just how much I need to continue to find the balance so that I avoid burn out, or taking things out on others, which is also why I am getting better at creating healthy boundaries in my life. Regardless of all the things that I have to get done. That is why I scheduled a massage today, despite the workload that is haunting me on the daily. I have always strived for a healthy work life balance, and made time for plenty of self care on a regular basis. This continues to be a goal of mine, to give to myself first, so that I can give to others. But when my batteries are depleted, I can no longer give any energy to others. Which is also why I need a ton of sleep and why I am mostly doing 'by appointment' as I will not be at TAOS  all the time, and want to give you my full attention when you are here. And depending on how you feel tonight, please come out to support the July artist of the month, Jerry Herman, at the Gallery Showcase from 7-9pm. His photography will get you to feel all sorts of things. Come see for yourself and find yourself going through the transformation of life through art. 

How do your clothes make you feel?

Please join me in my pursuit to revolutionize retail. I have always said, when you look good, you feel good. But wouldn't you feel even better knowing that your clothing was ethically produced and made just for you?! It also feels good to give back, as with every purchase, a portion goes back to the fight against cancer. But what everyone tells me when they try on my clothes is how amazing they feel in them. They stand a little taller, shine a little brighter, as each piece is meant to make you feel like a god/dess. Float through life and be comfortable while doing it. Wear the clothing casually or elegantly, depending on how you feel. And when you feel like yourself, and dress how you feel too, you allow others to see the real you, and that feels good too. Take, for instance, the Enchanting Cardigan. Of course it comes in black and white and you can rock it with a sneaker, poolside, at the sea, in the bedroom, over a dress or paired with a pantalone. It is designed to intrigue you and to have others captivated by you. Feel good about yourself and that you can accomplish anything that comes your way when you have this extra layer of protection. Feel safe and secure and allow yourself to move effortlessly through the world. It's also machine washable and wrinkle resistant, which should make you feel just as good too. This is also the perfect piece to take with you on any vacation or trip anywhere, as it goes with everything. Guys, imagine it with drop crotch pants or over your trunks at the beach, pool, or spa. Everyone will feel as though they want to appeal to your every desire. All you have to do is just be yourself and the clothes speak for you.

Need some help regulating your emotions? 
If you or someone you know needs help governing your emotional side of life, consider scheduling a session with me, or working with me over an extended period of time. You cannot change overnight, but you can make small adjustments to your life by incorporating some healthy habits and positive practices, such as yoga and meditation. By talking through your emotions and all the feelings that are associated with them, you can begin to take charge of your life and control how you respond and react in certain stressful situations. You can also try journaling, as this is a free and easy way to pour your emotions out on paper and get them out of you. Once you process these feelings and can make sense of them, it becomes easier to deal with the situation at hand. Instead of blowing someone off, cutting someone off, or going off on someone else, try taking a moment to pause before letting your emotions erupt. You'll begin to see how when you take time for yourself, create healthy boundaries, and take a moment to pause and reflect, you become the supervisor of your thoughts and emotions as they come to the surface and manage them with ease and grace instead of explosions and damaged relationships. Find yourself creating balanced emotional states.
First Friday Gallery Showcase for Jerry Herman tonight!

Please join us this evening from 7-10pm as we host the Gallery Showcase of Jerry Herman. This is a free event for all to attend, so please come to meet and greet him as well as sip and shop this Friday. You do not need to have a membership to The Substitute Society to attend, all are welcome. Alongside, we will have a dynamic modern dancer performing in the space. Come be at one with your community and experience The Art of Style. Jerry Herman, a resident of New York City, has been a photographer for over forty years and works in midtown Manhattan as well as on location. Jerry's style continues to evolve with his unique approach to photography, through the blending of his aesthetic eye, imagination and psychological approach. He was trained at ICP, The International Center for Photography studying psychological portraiture with Sing Si Schwartz as well as photographing the nude with the French photographer, Lucien Clergue. By combining the creativity of his subjects with his own unique vision, he has created original and striking results. Come see his work all month long...

The Substitute 

The Substitute is also one of the best ways to regulate your emotions. By simply breathing consciously, you can reduce your stress, anxiety, depression, or any other emotion you may be feeling. The Substitute can be used any time, any place, any where. All you have to do is just breathe. Try one for you and a friend and see how much better you feel when you learn to control all the emotions bubbling up inside of you. And, once you start using The Substitute regularly, you will also notice how much clearer you are thinking, along with how much energy your getting, how much more your skin is glowing, and how your body also feels much better. Pain and tension gone, anger and angst eliminated, and just a breath of fresh air.

The Books- Available on Amazon and Audible (and Italian!)
You only live once and you are in charge of your emotions...
You mind, body, and soul knows how to regulate your emotions, just feel your way through them...
Intimate Conversations with Lady Kendra
Join me every Monday at 9pm CET on Instagram Live as I talk about life and such. This is my way to have a conversation with the world about some subjects that may be taboo or touchy. For me, there is no such thing. Plus this is the only way we can grow and learn about each other is through having deeper conversations about things that matter. Please feel free to leave a comment or ask a question. This week I talked about being emotional. Be a part of the conversation in person from 7-9pm at TAOS Lounge and follow the journey @kendraleonard.
Mindfulness and Movement
I also invite you to join me every Wednesday morning from 9-11 am as I share my mediation and yoga practice with the community. Each month I will shift the focus to a different chakra so we can not only align them, but our bodies as well. This is a safe space where all are welcome. Please bring your mat, a bottle of water, and a 20€ donation to The Substitute Society. We will begin with deep breathing as we stretch our bodies and thank them for carrying us through each and every day. This is a time to center yourself, quiet the noise from the outside world, and love yourself as you invest time in you. Movement does a body good, and mindfulness does good for us all. See what you're capable of doing when you quiet the mind.
Find yourself.