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Come out and play...

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Come out and play...

Come out and play...

don't hide from your shadow.

You can run, but you can't hide...



Your shadow self is just another aspect of who you are. And when you learn to embrace it instead of run from it, you can learn to accept all of who you are which helps you also have more compassion for yourself, and in turn, others. Most often, the shadow manifests as our triggers or emotional reactions that we haven’t fully dealt with, but bubble up to the surface under the right (wrong) circumstances. Even though the shadow still exists within, it gets repressed and forgotten. Many people tend to subdue those hidden parts of themselves to avoid having to confront that 'darker side.' It takes courage, guidance, self-awareness, and training to help you confront your shadow self in a healthy way. This is what shadow work is all about. Shadow work is designed to encourage you to harmonize and welcome every part of yourself so that you can live and flourish with more clarity and authenticity. Anything that threatens the way you present yourself to the world (that is, brings your shadow self into the light) will be seen as a threat to your identity, and ultimately, your safety. Often, these rejected parts of ourselves are the result of childhood experiences. That is because it was overlooked and possibly shamed throughout your life. When you dismiss or ignore your shadow side, it can have a negative impact on your well being. We usually hear this come up as negative self talk. This part of yourself craves to be understood and explored. What makes up your shadow, depends on what you subconsciously deny within yourself. We won’t feel emotionally and mentally our best when our shadow is not integrated into ourselves, which is to say, when the shadow and self are far apart. 


To connect or stay disconnected?


There are so many benefits to doing shadow work that can change your life for the better. When you embrace your shadow you build better relationships with others, discover your hidden talents, gain more confidence and self-esteem, enhance your overall wellness, have better clarity, improve your creativity, increase your compassion toward others, and ultimately practice self acceptance. When you ignore your shadow, it will find ways to make you aware that it does, in fact, exist. It can lead to issues like anxiety and depression, self absorption, self deceit and deceiving others, offensive behavior toward others, poor self esteem, struggling to have healthy relationships with others, self loathing, self sabotage, or an inflated ego. When you avoid your shadow, you may also start projecting onto others. Projection happens when you see things in others that you subconsciously recognize within yourself. Those parts can make you feel really uncomfortable. As a result, you can seek to judge or punish others who reflect those traits. That may sting a little, but it is the truth. And the truth will set you free.


If you need help making peace with your shadow, please consider scheduling a session with me...


The Substitute


Working with your unconscious mind to uncover the parts of yourself that you repress and hide from yourself is not an easy task. It takes a lot of time and hard work. Lately, I've come to think that our real full time jobs should be to work on ourselves and the system created these other jobs to distract us from doing the real work at hand. This is part of the healing process. Regardless of what you believe, I encourage you to take a few deep breaths every day and look at yourself in the mirror- metaphorically and literally. It may take your breath away. And when it does, know that there are answers and cures for these ailments on the other side when you exhale. Something that will help you remember to breathe, is The Substitute. A psychological/ physiological tool to reduce anxiety and stress.
No tobacco. No toxins. Simply air. Just breathe.

The Books


These two books are just a snapshot of my life up to this point. The third book, the art of living, is still in journal format, though I've been working on it daily since my store was destroyed in the riots in 2020. I think I still have a few things to learn before it's published... In the meantime, you can grab a copy of my books from my website, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or your local bookstore. For those of you in the Raleigh area, you can pick up your copies at Deco in downtown. If you happen to be in Florence, Italy, you can stop by the paperback exchange in centro to grab the English version, or you can order the Italian translation online. Exciting news- both you only live once and mind.body.soul. are now available on Audible! That's right, you can head over to itunes or Amazon to listen to my stories instead! Respond to this message for a promo code if you are interested. Thanks for reading!

Intimate Conversations with Lady Kendra


Please join me every Monday evening on Instagram Live as I talk about life and such. Feel free to leave a comment or ask a question. This week I talked about shadow work. Join the conversation and follow the journey @kendraleonard.


Find yourself.