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Discover the world around you...

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Discover the world around you...

Discover your desires
It's always nice to learn from the outside world, it is how we learn about ourselves. And once you get to know yourself, you start really figuring out what it is that you want. It is so important to have these desires as they are what catapult you forward in life. When you want something, you go for it, no? So, my real question is, what is it that you truly desire? Figure them out, write them down, do them. This is your one and only life and there is no turning back. We must plunge ahead and continue to make the most out of every day we have. We are still here. We must do the things that we love and share that with the world. When your desires are met, you tend to be content. What would make you ecstatic? Start dreaming big. Allow yourself to create the most outrageous, exquisite plan that you have for your life. What do you want to do? Where do you want to live? What grandiose visions do you have for your best life, aligned with your highest self? We are all gods and goddesses after all...
Discover The Goddess Collection & TAOS
For those of you anxiously awaiting The Goddess Collection, have no fear, many pieces are en route to me as I type these words, and I am meeting with my manufacture next week to have them all produced. Because I am opening my studio, things have evolved since my original concept, but I am still practicing zero waste and donating a portion of each purchase to The Substitute Society, fighting cancer and mental health. The Art of Style, since it also doubles as an art gallery, will transform into TAOS Lounge at night, hosting events regularly for the community. Zen out and get in tune with yourself over a book and a glass of wine. Unwind and reconnect to yourself and get inspired through art, fashion, music, and of course, people! I am so excited to share my visions with you, and my goodness, I have so many! The revolution of retail is here. Please consider showing your support of The Substitute Society by becoming a member or donating to the cause.
Discover yourself and your partner
Last chance to sign up for the Couples Transformative Experience next week, Tuesday, May 7th- Thursday May 9th. Obviously those staying in the surrounding area of Florence will not have to pay for accommodations if living locally. For those of you who are looking to deepen your connection with your partner, or for those who are looking to disentangle your life from your current partner, allow the Couples Transformative Experience to guide you. Because all relationships begin with ourselves, you'll be taking a long look at yourself and how you show up for yourself as well as for others. There will mostly be individual transformations happening, but integrated with exercises to share what you have learned with your partner in crime so that the two of you can evolve together (or separately, if that is what is intended). Learn how to communicate, listen, and create healthy boundaries in your relationship. Remind yourself why you came together in the first place and what qualities attracted you to each other in the beginning. Pay attention to what your bodies are saying when practicing silence and how using your intuition benefits you both. Discover yourselves all over again and possibly some uncharted waters as well. After the three days you will feel more connected and respected and ready to move forward in which ever way you choose. This is just an overview, please refer to my website for details on how this will affect your mind, body, and soul, connecting with your past, present, and future. Come, find yourself...
Discover The Substitute Society 

Did you know that The Substitute is actually connected to a nonprofit, The Substitute Society, that donates a portion of every purchase to the fight against cancer and mental health?  Well now you do. Not only does The Substitute reduce stress and anxiety, depression, blood pressure, and heart rate, but it aids in digestion, insomnia, mental clarity, sharpens nervous system, massages organs, relieves pain and tension in the body, calms the body as well as the mind, and even corrects posture. It also raises your awareness and consciousness, helping you live in the present moment, the only thing we actually have. The Substitute can also be used by anyone, at any age, at any place, and at any time.  It's the perfect gift to give, the gift of life, as breath is life after all. It has no tobacco, no toxins, simply air, which means you can use it anywhere- planes, trains, cars, bars, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, offices, concerts, clubs, events, theaters, gyms, studios, homes, schools, work, church, wherever. All you need to do is just breathe.

Discover The Books- Available on Amazon and Audible (and Italian!)
Discover as much as you can in this one life.
Discover more about your mind, body, and soul. 
Discover Intimate Conversations with Lady Kendra
Join me every Monday at 9pm CET on Instagram Live as I talk about life and such. This is my way to have a conversation with the world about some subjects that may be taboo or touchy. For me, there is no such thing. Please feel free to leave a comment or ask a question. This week I talked about discover as I was walking through the airport in Rome. It was interesting to say the least, but you get to see me in a real life situation, when things aren't going exactly my way, but getting me exactly where I need to go. Be a part of the conversation and follow the journey @kendraleonard. Starting in June, I will host this at my studio in Florence, Italy where we can meet and talk about these topics in person from 7-9pm as a collective. Become a member of The Substitute Society and be a part of the (r)evolution. 
Find yourself.