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Happy Pi day! And my piece of the pie to share with you is this year is style.

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Happy Pi day! And my piece of the pie to share with you is this year is style.

Happy Pi day! And my piece of the pie to share with you is this year is style.

The Art of Style, that is. Introducing TAOS revolution.

It's time for a revolution.

This has been a long time coming. For over two years I have sat on what I have called my Goddess Collection. After all the trauma that happened with my store four years ago, I really thought I was done with retail and the wonderful world of fashion. But it kept knocking on my door. I just wasn't ready to open it yet. However, after confiding in my sister in law this Christmas about doing nothing with these designs, she offered to help make my visions come to life. My first prototype is currently in the mail and on its way to me and I hope it will arrive today. Wouldn't that be the best present to myself? And you know I can't just keep these things to myself, so of course, I plan on sharing it with you. I always said that I would revolutionize retail, and now I have officially done it. Revolutionary in what way you might ask? In many ways, so please, let me explain.

First, I do not have a physical store. Before the riots, I was already working on getting out of the store, and I don't plan on going back into one at the moment. However, I am looking at securing a showroom soon, and for those of you who are interested in the original TAOS concept, you still have the option of franchising. In the meantime, you will only be able to purchase items online, which if you know me, has always been something that I've rejected, as the human connection for me is where it's at, but I accept and welcome this challenge. Perhaps the most interesting thing about this (besides the fact that I am actually designing, of course) is that I will only be releasing one item a month. And, you will only have that one month to purchase that piece. You will also have to wait about a month to receive it. Gone are the days of immediate gratification. Now, you will have to enjoy all the anticipation and excitement around waiting for your garment to arrive in the mail.

For years I have said how detrimental the fashion industry is to our environment, and I always looked for ways to reduce my carbon footprint. Now you can know that no amount of fabric will go to waste, as I will create another piece from all remaining fabric or donate them to local design schools. Because the fabric I purchase is of limited stock, there are only a limited amount of items that I can make, so of course, first come, first serve. And gentleman, don't worry, I plan on having a collection for you too, but as you know, ladies first. Some of my pieces can be unisex, so know that my sizing system reflects that in the drop down menu when you place an order. You can understand this better when you go to the website once I officially go live on Monday, March 18th. In the meantime, you can check it out now and sign up for emails if you happen to be reading this online. 

For those of you who followed me until the end, well now, thank you. Now that I am back at the beginning again, I will be bringing some things back with me such as The Style Registry and The Gift of Style Card, along with The Style Society, which used to be known as The Style Concierge Service. These are all revolutionary services that I know you loved and will continue to once you start to see the pieces that I have designed for you. You can visit the website now to review these options and start signing up now. Let the countdown begin. Remember, time is always running out, but always on your side...

Lastly, as you may know, I have made it my mission to continue the fight against cancer for the last fifteen years. So with each purchase, a portion of the proceeds will go towards The Substitute Society, my non profit that helps get The Substitute (what I call my cure to cancer) into schools. This is my way of giving back on a regular basis and passing it on to you, too. Another thing I am offering to you is free international shipping, since everything will be made in Italy. Of course you'll have to wait, but you won't have to pay extra for it... xo  

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I will still be here to serve in the capacity of a life coach. Through the last several years of healing and helping to heal others, I very much feel called to continue this spiritual work. And as my design talents continue to evolve, it is my hope to eventually design one of a kind pieces for those who come to an Individual Transformative Experience. In the meantime, please feel free to schedule a session or come to Florence, Italy and let's transform together...
The Substitute

I have been doing a ton of breathing y'all. These last few years have been awe inspiring and filled with many twists and turns and I am so grateful I had The Substitute with me during this time. Because conscious breathing has so many amazing side effects, I have become healthier, brighter, and better. Many people tell me that I look younger the older I get, and I attribute a lot of that to The Substitute. Breathing helps rejuvenate your cells which helps your skin look and feel better. It also reduces stress and anxiety along with depression. And we all know stress kills. Don't believe me, try it? Take three long inhales and exhales. Of course you don't need The Substitute to breathe, but is a great tool to use to remember to just breathe. It is also a pointer, thinking stick, hand slapper, ass smacker, back scratcher, dancing partner, and magic wand. You can even use it to touch yourself. It has no tobacco, no toxins, simply air, which means that you and use it anywhere- planes, trains, cars, bars, clubs, restaurants, offices, hospitals, hotels, schools, shops, church, work, wherever. Stressed? Just breathe. Wanna partner? Let me know...

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