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It's Book Lovers Day

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It's Book Lovers Day

It's Book Lovers Day

Need something to read?

Years ago when I spoke for a prestigious attorney's Executive Leadership Team, orchestrated by The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, I was told that I should write a book. It was never a thought that I had.
Then, another year or two after that, I had another speaking engagement with the Chamber of Commerce where they asked for my bio and four paragraphs later, I decided to consolidate it to just one.
However, it was those four paragraphs and that other push to actually write a book that one day, I just started writing. Little did I know that I would later be ranked on Amazon, let alone write another one, and most recently had them translated into Italian and recorded into audio books on Audible. The second one came about because a client of mine at my clothing store noticed my first book that said, 'Pregnant and twenty, widowed at thirty, and wondering what's in store for forty, but here's where I am right now...'
So she asked, so what's your next book going to be about, now that you're almost forty? At the time, I hadn't really thought about it. But after I turned forty, I ended up in the hospital for five days with pneumonia and thought I was going to die. And since it took me a good three months to recover, I had time to write, so the second book came to be. Since then, I've said I'll write at least eight books in my lifetime, and of course, the third one, 'the art of living' is in journal format, which I will share the intimate details of my store getting destroyed in the riots and how I ended up relocating my life to Italy. All of my books are easy reads, taking only an hour or two to read. Most people said they couldn't put them down and read them cover to cover. A lot of people got inspired and laughed and cried. Many told me they could hear my voice as they were reading it (and now that it's on Audible, I actually read the book to you). Anyway, on this day I thought I'd share the backdrop of the books that I have and the ones that will come someday.
I will eventually write one on parenting, patterns, lovers, aging, and one about dying. Stay tuned. But I have other things to work on now, so those will have to wait. I feel a great calling to help others navigate this crazy world in which we live, which is why I do what I do now as a motivational speaker and a life coach (though I prefer the term life guide). In the meantime, if you want to read a short story with many stories intertwined (think Quentin Tarantino), check out my two books, 'you only live once' and 'mind.body.soul.' It may give you a bit of an explanation of who I am, why I am the way that I am, and why you should be exactly who you are, too...
Another thing I never planned on, was developing something that would completely change the world.
Although I always knew I would have a big impact on the world, this idea that came to me after I thought I was going to die. The concept was really just for myself, as I decided after having to use a breathalyzing treatment for a month to rebuild my lungs, that 'maybe I didn't need to smoke anymore.' I still smoke when I want (which I really don't want to, but do anyway), but I smoke a hell of a lot less because of THE SUBSTITUTE. And I can smoke anywhere- bars, cars, trains, planes, restaurants, grocery stores, clothing stores, church, school, work, wherever. It has completely changed my life. And based on the feedback from countless others, it has changed their lives, too. If you are trying to smoke less, THE SUBSTITUTE is smokeless. If you are stressed out and have a hard time coping, THE SUBSTITUTE can relieve it (along with any pain or tension in your body). If you suffer from social anxiety or depression, THE SUBSTITUTE can help you breathe through the difficult moments. If you are an overeater, THE SUBSTITUTE can assist in weight control and digestion. THE SUBSTITUTE has no tobacco, no toxins, simply air. JUST BREATHE. The breath is what heals us, calms us down, and helps us be more present and therefore conscious. Try it for only $20 and get free shipping. Interested in being a wholesaler? Let me know.
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