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It's Forgiveness Day...

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It's Forgiveness Day...

It's Forgiveness Day...

Say you're sorry. Accept what is. Release.

Forgiveness: your health depends on it

Forgiveness is powerful. When we hold onto anger or resentment (feelings associated with the past), it can take a toll on our health and well being. Take heart disease as the leading cause of death and understand that having dis-ease of the heart means a hardened one, clogged arteries, etc. If you are holding onto a grudge from the past, take some time to heal your wounds so they don't take a toll on your life. Forgiveness can also help free you from the control of the person who harmed you. It doesn't mean forgetting or excusing the harm done, quite the contrary. Sit with it, and process it, accept it, and release it. And even though it means different things to different people, it might even lead to feelings of understanding, empathy and compassion for the one who hurt you. You might be surprised that once you forgive your perpetrator, you not only feel lighter, but you start to have compassion for the person who did the wrongdoing and eventually that leads to gratitude for what happened, to make you who you are today and a kinder, more compassionate soul. (Maybe you wronged them in a previous life...) But in general, it involves an intentional decision to let go of anger and resentment. The act that hurt or offended you might always be with you, but you can choose to let go and release the pain, not carry the burden around for the rest of your life and be a victim. And if you're the one who needs to forgive someone for something you've done that you're not proud of, take a moment to say 'I'm sorry' today and let that shit go, too.

Need help forgiving?

If you or someone you know needs help forgiving, please consider scheduling a session with me. We can even have a session together with all parties to handle whatever awkwardness or conflict arises during the conversation. You'll find that once you can calmly talk things through instead of allowing things to erupt out of you like a volcano (that's what happens when you push down feelings, they explode out of you, a lot of times in anger), you will feel more in control of yourself and the situation and thereby releasing the tentacles from the other person who has done you harm so you can move on in life and not carry the weight of the situation on your shoulders anymore. Wouldn't it feel good to release it all? Short answer is absofuckinglutely.


If you are a smoker, forgive yourself first. You picked up this habit simply by trying to calm down your nervous system, and reduce the stress and anxiety you may have felt. No need to feel shame around it. Accept yourself for who you are and what it is, and JUST BREATHE. THE SUBSTITUTE has no tobacco, no toxins, simply air, which means you can use it anywhere- trains, planes, restaurants, bars, clubs, work, school, church, wherever. No more apologizing for needing to smoke or having to excuse yourself from the room to have a breather. Feel how good it feels to get the fix you've always had with a cigarette without the harmful effects on the body. It's also a thinking stick, pointer, hand smacker, ass slapper, back scratcher, cloud mover, twirling tool, wand, oral fixator, and hand fidgeter. You'll also detoxify and release toxins naturally, boost your energy levels, increase your stamina and mental clarity, reduce your heart rate, blood pressure and depression, massage your organs, strengthen your muscles, it even aids in digestion and weight control (extra weight can be a sign of you hanging on to things or using it as a layer of protection). Release all of those negative things that are living inside of you. The breath heals. THE SUBSTITUTE is smokeless. Smoke less.

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Forgive yourself. Forgive others. Just forgive.
Forgive yourself for thinking too much. Forgive yourself for eating too much. Forgive yourself to heal your soul.
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Forgive me for being so forward, but intimacy does a mind, body, and soul good...
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