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It's my way of giving back...

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It's my way of giving back...

Find yourself giving back...

to yourself (which in turn, helps others).

Happy Thanksgiving!
How do you feel about Thanksgiving? For me, it's my favorite holiday. I love to rest, relax, cook, and spend time with family and friends. Some people feel differently at this time. Sometimes it can be triggering to hang out with family as we have our past that remind us of the feeling we may have around certain people, and therefore we project our fears of reliving those moments on to others. But people do change. As we evolve through life, our relationships grow and change as well. We become more aware of ourselves as we get older and start seeing how we may (or may not) have deviated from our previous way of being. All of our patterns were born from our parents- the first man who you learned to be loved and loved in return, is your father and the first woman you ever learned how to be loved and loved in return, is your mother. All future relationships are based on these patterns, limiting beliefs, fears, and self sabotaging behaviors. On this day which based is on gratitude, take this moment to thank everyone in your life for their influence on yours. And remember that you get to choose who you want to be, who you get to spend your precious time with, and what you'll do with the time you have. I hope you all spend time looking at your consistent patterns of behavior and choose the person you want to become in the future and not let your past take away from your present moment. Thank you all for being the best versions of yourselves and continue to find yourself getting better every day...
My way to give back

Last year, I introduced 'pay what you can' for coaching as an option for the holiday season. For those who have been thinking about scheduling a session or signing up for Accessible Guidance, my monthly service to help you in the moment via voice memo on Whatsapp, now is your opportunity to work with me. You can also to choose to 'pay it forward' to someone who may need to move forward in their lives. I hope that you will take advantage of this special offer that lasts throughout the rest of this year. Holidays can be stressful, but they don't have to be. Let me show you how you can live more consciously and take moments as they come and make the most out of any situation you encounter. Let me teach you how to let things roll off your shoulders, let go of the past, change your pattern, and break free from the bondage in your life that is causing your suffering- which you are choosing. This is my way to give back to the community at large and help people deal with whatever is causing them stress, sadness, anxiety, or madness in this crazy world of ours and to transmute it into something magnificent. Also, just a reminder that you have a few days left to sign up for my last Couples' Transformative Session of the year from December 26th-28th in Florence, Italy for a discounted rate of $5k. The deadline is this Sunday, November 26th. Cheers to you and yours...


Another way you can give back to yourself (and others) is to use THE SUBSTITUTE. This accessory is the perfect gift that you can give, as it offers the gift of breath (which is life). The breath is what calms down the nervous system, relaxes your body and mind, relieves pain and tension in the body, reduces your heart rate and blood pressure, corrects your posture, aids in digestion and weight control, enhances sleep, and most importantly, raises your awareness and consciousness. It also has no tobacco, no toxins, simply air, which means you can use it anywhere. If you really want to wake up and take charge of your life, try THE SUBSTITUTE for only $20 and get free international shipping. Want to join me in my mission to save the world (one breath and butt at a time)? Join The Substitute Society, my revolution of peace and love, and my non profit, to get THE SUBSTITUTE into schools to help the youth learn how to heal from the inside out, instead of reaching towards cigarettes or something else. All we need to do is JUST BREATHE. If you're interested, contact me to become a Brand Ambassador or for Wholesale Opportunities.

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