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Live Consciously-

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Live Consciously-

Live Consciously-

with or without a partner

Is it time to reconnect?

Sometimes when we are in relationships we take the other person for granted. Sometimes we get in a disagreement and we don't feel seen or heard. Sometimes we make a mistake and find it hard to forgive. However, if you are in a partnership and have not been connected via communication or physical touch, perhaps it is time to reconnect with the one you love to enhance your relationship on a deeper level. Being with a partner should be a benefit and blessing, not a curse. If you or your loved one has not been communicative or loving and you don't know how to get back to a healthy relationship, consider coming to a Couples Transformative Experience. During these three days together you will get to know your partner better, discover why you fell in love in the first place, and use this time to reconnect to elevate your role in the relationship, put yourself first, so you can give more.

Or is is time to uncouple?

There comes a time in every relationship that I call the break up phase. This is when you are constantly fighting over stupid shit and the cycle or arguing has become the norm. This is not healthy. There also comes a time in a relationship when you are so disconnected as a couple that you no longer have any desire to be with your partner due to what has transpired in the past and you just can't seem to forgive, let alone forget. This is also unhealthy. Relationships are meant to move forward and being resentful keeps you in the past, while being stagnant doesn't allow you to move towards a future together. The present moment is all we have, but sometimes it is hard to communicate our needs, let alone our need to get out of a toxic relationship. If you want to take the time to consciously uncouple in a loving way to not completely destroy the other person or the incredible relationship you once had, please consider coming to a Couples Transformative Experience. I'm not saying it's easy, but we can consciously choose to behave in a way that doesn't damage ourselves or our partner (or possibly our children). Learning to let go of a person is just another lesson we must learn on this journey called life. You will find a safe space to unravel what has happened so you can wrap your brain around it and allow the pieces to fall where they may. It is better to be functional in solitude than dysfunctional in a codependent relationship. Get out with grace.  

Schedule a Chess Session

Chess stands for creative, healthy, explorative, safe, sexuality. This session is designed to talk about all of these needs in a relationship, with or without your partner. This is also a place where we can discuss whether it is time to consciously reconnect or consciously uncouple. I have helped many couples rediscover their flame as well as accept the fact that their flame has gone out and cannot be reignited. These are all choices that can be made. If you want to discover more depths of yourself as it pertains to relationships (of any kind), consider scheduling a session with me. We will talk about what you want, how to get what you want, and how to avoid the things you don't want, like negative thought loops or patterns as it pertains to the past and how to change your behaviors to get exactly what you do want in the future. The future is now. Don't waste any more time in an unhealthy situation. 


When you are stressed out in a relationship, the word 'crazy' may come out. This is generally because we don't feel respected, or we feel used and abused, or it may just be because we simply don't feel desired or wanted. This hurts. Managing the pain we feel so deeply as it pertains to our love relationships can be hard, but it is not impossible. One way to get through all this pain and discomfort is to JUST BREATHE. Breathing relaxes your nerves, takes the pain away, and eventually calms you down. When you are experiencing moments of stress or duress, consider trying THE SUBSTITUTE. It can help take the edge off, make the pain go away, or simply reach a state of acceptance. Whatever you're going through, there is a healthy way to get through it. THE SUBSTITUTE is the healthy alternative to smoking, eating, drinking, stressing, etc. Try it for only $20 and get free international shipping. There is no tobacco, no toxins, simply air, which means you can use it anywhere. JUST BREATHE.  

The Books-Available on Amazon and Audible

Make it count. (you only live once.)

You don't need to have a partner to be happy or healthy. (mind.body.soul.)

The Fragrances- Cuff, Sex, Lust (all unisex)

Consciously make an effort to smell good.  

Intimate Conversations with Lady Kendra

Join me every Monday at 9pm CET on Instagram Live as I talk about life and such. This is my way to have a conversation with the world about some subjects that may be taboo or touchy. For me, there is no such thing. Please feel free to leave a comment or ask a question. This week I talked about worthiness. You are worthy on your own. You are worthy of a partner who loves and respects you and would cross oceans to be with you. You are worthy of a peaceful relationship. Be a part of the conversation and follow the journey @kendraleonard.