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Live every day like it's your last...

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Live every day like it's your last...

Live every day like it's your last...

you never know when it will be.

Celebrate every day
Yesterday marked what would have been my late husband's 54th birthday. Instead, he passed away fourteen years ago from cancer. I've always been a carpe diem kinda girl, having taking Latin for six years, but after his death, I had a new take on life. Like what's the worst thing that can happen- 'oh, I could die, that's the worse thing,' right? So since then, that was a filter for me. Why not try xyz? Why not take a chance? Why not chase all of my dreams? Since this was my first real experience with death, I read everything I could get my hands on. My name means knowledgeable, so I needed to know as much as I could about what was happening and what would happen. My husband was quite the opposite- mind over matter for him, always. But regardless of our separate approaches on things, one thing I have come to accept is that every single one of us will die. So I think we should make the most out of it. When I decided to position myself as a Death Doula (among other things), my aim was to help people heal their past, so they can enjoy their present moment, and make the most of their future. You don't have to get a diagnosis to push you out of your comfort zone or to change the circumstances of your life. However, when we do get such news, it tends to hit us in a different way, that our time is limited. Wake up call: you are still living.
Death Doula

You haven't died yet. You are still here. You can still heal. And I am a firm believer that you can heal your physical ailments (even if you've been told it's terminal), but you must do the inner work to heal. And you musn't wait. Your body is constantly sending you signals, and if you ignore them, they could lead to disease and eventually death. This is where I come in. Not only can I help you deal with the devastating news of a dire diagnosis, but I can help you (if you so choose) to move past the illness and work on yourself so you can enjoy all the life that you have left. There is such a thing as life force energy (sometimes people suck it out of us), but it truly is what keeps you going. I encourage you to keep going, keep living, and if you have been told that your days are numbered and need someone to talk to about the process of death and dying, I am here to help guide you, your family, and friends. Talking about death is something I do on a regular basis, and I help people through grave situations so they can live a better life. Don't wait until it's too late to change your mind, heart, and body. There is no time like the present.


Even before my husband was diagnosed with leukemia, I had said that I would find the cure to cancer. My mother reminded me of this dream that I once had as a child, as I had forgotten. And of course, during his treatment, and even after Miguel died, I have made it my mission. It was only when I had a near death experience that I came up with the cure, what I call my cure to cancer, THE SUBSTITUTE. This was something that I had designed to use instead of smoking since it took a month to rebuild my lungs after having pneumonia. Since it's conception over four years ago, I have helped countless others quit smoking, but not only that, I've introduced conscious breathing. The process of breathing calms down your nervous system, it relaxes your mind and body. It helps your digestion and sleeping patterns. It reduces your blood pressure and heart rate. It increases your stamina and mental clarity. There is not much that the breath can't do. Don't believe me? Try it. THE SUBSTITUTE has no tobacco, no toxins, simply air, so you can use it anywhere- planes, trains, cars, bars, restaurants, work, school, church, wherever. When you purchase one, a portion of the proceeds goes to the fight against cancer. JUST BREATHE.

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