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Somewhere over the rainbow...

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Somewhere over the rainbow...

Somewhere over the rainbow...

the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true

Way up high

The higher your state of consciousness grows, the more likely you are to shed some people, places, and things that no longer serve you. But to get to a 'higher place' one must look deep within the depths of their soul and do the hard work associated with healing their inner child and face as well as embrace their shadow. Most people do not want to do this type of work as it is emotionally and mentally challenging, however the physical effects of not dealing with these issues can take a greater toll, and eventually lead to a premature death. When you rise above all that has torn you down, you come to a state of peace and tranquility, where almost nothing shakes you to your core anymore. Things roll off your shoulders and instead of biting your tongue, you tend to smile instead. If you or someone you know is ready to reach your higher self and live your life to the fullest, consider joining me on an Individual Transformative Experience. We will spend three days together dissecting the issues of your past that keep holding you back, so that you can truly be in the present moment (the only thing we actually have), so that you can imagine a brighter future full of everything your heart craves in this lifetime. I'll take you to the other side.

Wake up

Most people are living life in a zombie like phase where they go through the motions day in and day out.
When you choose to live life consciously, you start to see things differently, hear things that you may never have heard, and you definitely start to feel all the feelings, because you have started to heal- and you can't wait for what's next (even though it may be scary and painful). Because we all know the truth sets you free and what was buried in the depths of your soul can no longer live beneath the surface (this is why we get triggered as adults and throw adult temper tantrums). If you or someone you know is struggling right now, please consider scheduling a session with me. Our time together is sacred and in this safe space you can bare your soul and we can work through what is ailing you. Once you get it out of you, it no longer lives within you. Reclaim your life. It is yours for the taking.


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The Books- Available on Amazon and Audible

The pot of gold is waiting for you... (you only live once)

The peace you crave is available to you. (mind.body.soul.)

Intimate Conversations with Lady Kendra

Join me every Monday at 9pm CET on Instagram Live as I talk about life and such. This is my way to have a conversation with the world about some subjects that may be taboo or touchy. For me, there is no such thing. Please feel free to leave a comment or ask a question. This week I talked about grounding. To get higher, you must ground first. Then you can fly. Be a part of the conversation and follow the journey @kendraleonard. 

Find yourself.