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What do you want/need to learn?

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What do you want/need to learn?

What do you want/need to learn?

Knowledge = Power

Seek the truth

As a truth seeker, I have always been a fan of the question 'why?' Getting to the truth of the matter has always been of interest to me and since the foundation of every relationship is based upon truth, I pride myself in having long lasting relationships based on this fact. Without truth, you cannot build upon anything. Learning more about people and culture is something that has always fascinated me. Once you understand where someone came from, you can grasp a little bit of why they are, the way they are. Our past is what makes us, but does not have to define us. We are fortunate in life to have many contributing factors to what makes us who we are as a person, but learning to live with others and operate as a community of people is what makes us grow and function for the greater good. As you embark upon another beautiful day on this earth, take the time to ponder what do you want out of this one life of yours and what do you need to learn to get those things that you want. Then go get them...   

Never stop learning

They say once you're through changing you're through. Meaning you're done. Meaning you are no longer growing. Meaning that you are not evolving. Meaning you are slowly dying. Each day we have opportunities to learn something new, meet someone new, or go to a new place that we have never been before. If you have stopped being curious about this world and the people in it, I encourage you to go back to how you used to be as an innocent child and see the wonder in everything again. It may take some practice, but eventually you may tap into some unrealized potential you had stored up inside of the adult version of yourself. Know that you can always learn something that you didn't know and the joy that comes from having a curious mind. Ask questions. Listen. Learn. If you or someone you know needs help opening your mind to wonder and excitement, please consider scheduling a session with me or come to Florence, Italy on a magical 3 day Transformative Experience for your mind, body, and soul. I can show you how to continue to learn more about yourself, the world, and the people that are in it...


From a young age, I was mesmerized by the anatomy and physiology. I went to school for genetics and psychology to understand more about how the environment and our inherited traits interacted with one another. This is probably why I am so enthralled with the connection of the mind, body, and spirit. And of course, through my journey, I have been enlightened more and more as each day passes how beautiful this combination works within and outside of ourselves, as I really do believe that we are all one. One of the things that has taken me further on this path is breathwork. It is something I practice regularly and you can too. THE SUBSTITUTE is what has helped me maintain a calmer state of mind, relaxed my body, and filled up my soul, one breath at a time. It seems trivial, but it is actually what keeps us going as humans. Without the breath, we would in fact, die. But because the breath is what helps us be in the present moment, it also makes us more aware and conscious of what is going on. And when you practice it regularly, it raises your level of vibration as it clears everything out (you do realize our bodies are machines, right?). If you are desiring to know more about this, or feel how this impacts your life, consider trying THE SUBSTITUTE. It has a plethora of features and benefits, but you will never know unless you ask (or try).

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