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What is happiness to you?

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What is happiness to you?

What makes you happy?

Today is the day to figure that out...

Happiness is a state of being

When you ask most people what they want, a lot refer to simply just being happy, but what does that actually mean? It can mean different things for different people, but happiness generally means that you feel joy, contentment, and other positive emotions. It also translates to of a sense that one's life is meaningful and valued. So what does that mean for you? What makes you joyful and content? Do you feel like your life has a sense of meaning and value? These are good questions to ask yourself as today is I Want You to be Happy Day! Happiness energizes us and makes us feel good. So on this glorious Sunday, take the time to figure out what it is that truly makes you happy (not what other people want you to do to make them happy). Make the time to do what makes you happy today, even it is something small. For me, that means protecting my time to make sure I meditate, practice yoga, take a bath, and go for a walk in nature. Those things fill me up, which lifts my vibe and therefore I can continue to spread joy and love to the world. If you don't make the time to focus on your happiness every day, you may find yourself spread too thin, with little to give back to others. And the interesting thing is that most people who know you also want you to be happy. So by putting your happiness first, you innately make others happy too.  

Need help finding some happiness?
Happiness truly is a choice, but it must come from within. Of course we might feel good buying things that make us happy, going places that make us feel good, or even being around others who light us up, but ultimately this is an inside job. If you are not happy with yourself, none of these things will last. We all love immediate gratification, but that is a short lived experience of joy. In order for us to feel lasting happiness, we must love who we are, what we do, and how we give back to the world at large. If you or someone you know needs some help finding happiness, please consider working with me. In the meantime, here are a few quick tips to finding happiness: 1. Manage your stress levels. (Breathing techniques really help.) 2. Enjoy yourself. (Meet up with friends or do things you like to do.) 3. Boost your self-esteem. (Treat yourself well.) 4. Have a healthy lifestyle. (Eat good food, get some sleep, and move your body daily.) 5. Talk and share. (Talking helps you to release tension, and it strengthens your relationships with people.) 6. Build your resilience. (Make something worthwhile out of painful times.) Life is full of ups and downs, and our ability to go with the flow, find the good in all situations, and learn from them, leads to a happier and healthier life. My number one strength is positivity, and I can show you how you can become a more positive person too, by simply choosing to see the beauty in the world and people around you. Choose you.
The Substitute

Another way to cultivate happiness within is to simply breathe. It fills your body with dopamine and serotonin which creates a long-lasting feeling of happiness or well-being. Don't believe me, try it! Take three long inhales and exhales, take even more for better results. Of course you can breathe on your own, but The Substitute is an accessory that helps you remember to just breathe. Using is 20 times is the equivalent of smoking a cigarette- without the harmful side effects, as it has no tobacco or toxins. It impacts your emotional, mental, and physical well being by regulating your nervous system when you're feeling down, anxious, or upset. It also has many other functional uses like a pointer, thinking stick, pleasure pleaser, back scratcher, hand smacker, ass slapper, and magic wand, hence the name, The Substitute. One lasts a lifetime and because of its unique design, you can use it anywhere at anytime. Think of The Substitute as your little guide to help you throughout the day. It's only $20 and can change your life, which in turn, impacts the lives of others around you. Get one for you and someone who needs more happiness in their lives and get free international shipping. You'll also feel good knowing that a portion of each sale goes to The Substitute Society, my non profit that helps get these into schools to teach the youth learn how to cope with stress in a healthy way, simply by breathing, instead of turning to unhealthy alternatives. Find yourself giving back, curing cancer, feeling better, looking younger, and raising levels of awareness with every breath you take. Mental health is key to our level of happiness, which is tied to our emotions and our physical bodies, and breathing is how we can connect these forces to create the level of happiness we want.

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You only live once… so do whatever seems right in the moment to make you happy. 
When you take care of your mind, body, and soul, you tend to be a whole lot happier...
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