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What makes you happy?

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What makes you happy?

What makes you happy?
Feeling or showing pleasure or contentment...
Today is I want to make you happy day!
Did you know that connecting with friends can bring joy and more fulfillment to your life? Seems pretty basic, but sometimes we miss these simple pleasures in life or take them for granted. Hopefully the last few years have taught us to appreciate the people in our lives as well as the time we get to spend with them. So in honor of today, I'd love to know 'what makes you happy?' Take some time to sit with this thought. Are you in pursuit of your own happiness? If not, take the time to start doing things that make you happy. Because I want to make you happy by making yourself happy first. When you are content, you can give more to others. And your people need you to be your best to make their world a better place.
What makes me happy?
Reconnecting with loved ones makes me so happy. Laughing is truly the best medicine and being with good company fills my heart levels to the extreme. The smell of flowers that is carried by the wind unexpectedly, or the scent of sweets as you pass by a bakery makes me smile. Rainbows and sunshine during a rainstorm, the sound and the movement of a body of water. Watching the leaves wave as you walk on by, feeling the sun hit your skin on a cold winter's day. Breathing and moving with intention, writing intentionally or randomly as thoughts enter my mind. Practicing yoga and meditation daily keeps me focused on the here and now. And for now, well, I'm happy... </p>
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