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Why can't we be friends?

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Why can't we be friends?


Part of why you want to be around someone is because of how they make you feel. It feels great when you feel seen and heard throughout a conversation where you can be open and vulnerable to share your thoughts freely. During this energy exchange, it can be invigorating to also learn that of another perspective. These things help us not only to connect, but to grow as well. And how lovely is it when you can just be yourself completely and feel safe doing so. That is when space is held for you by someone and you have a container to hold all of your emotions and stories. The reciprocity of this dynamic make for a good friendship. 


However, if you feel threatened or unsafe while sharing these experiences with someone that is not the sign of a good friendship. That is not a place or person with whom you can be your authentic self, therefore you are not speaking your truth. If you find yourself in unhealthy relationships, the most important thing you can do is set some boundaries. No one deserves to be criticized or made to feel less than. If a disagreement comes up, you both owe it to yourselves to find a common ground and communicate effectively. That means no name calling, no putting the other person down, and constructively coming to a solution. If a resolution cannot be made, maybe it is time to create space and time to heal existing wounds until you can come together again. You deserve to have peace and freedom. If anyone or anything is infringing upon that, you are the one letting it happen. 

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Earlier this year, I went through another one of those situations. Here is the interview by Marques Haven that followed shortly thereafter...


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