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If you could have anything you wanted, what would it be?

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If you could have anything you wanted, what would it be?

Dream Big!

Imagine that you could just think of something that you wanted, and it just magically appeared in front of you. That's kind of how this life thing works. When you start getting excited about your future life based on the creations you are currently working on, that generates a feeling inside. That feeling gets translated into thoughts and then when you start speaking about these things, you are actually putting it out there in the universe. Seems simple and silly, right? But this is how things happen. That's why it is crucial to practice daily, putting your dreams to the test. What ends up happening all too often though, is we get distracted by what is or get stuck in a negative thought loop like, 'this could never happen to me' or 'it's just too hard' or everyone else is crushing your dreams. What you need to remember are that your dreams are yours to have and fulfil. No one else can make these dreams come true but you! So during this holiday season, I want you to think of everything that you have ever wanted and write your wish list. But write them as if they have already happened, so in the present tense (I am or I have). Before you know it, you'll be on your way to having all the things you so desire one wish at a time. The trick is to keep it positive and protect yourself from letting naysayers or negativity squash your dreams. These ideas are coming to you and only you can make these dreams come to life. If you need help creating this magical life of yours, I'm here.

Live Your Dream
What does your dream life look like? We tend to make it complicated in this world, but it doesn't have to be. Remember, you choose the life you live. And you should aspire to live the life you love. You are the navigator, no one else. Of course, there are external factors at play here, but this is where your focus and determination comes into play. I help people look at their lives and create the life of their dreams. If you need help setting up strong boundaries, eliminating negative self talk, or setting goals for yourself, consider scheduling a session with me or join me for a Transformative Experience in Italy. These 3 days will transform your life and let you live your dream.
Dreaming of a Better Life?

For the holiday season, here are a few services to try to meet you where you're at (and help others, help you too). 

A Gift of Change allows you to help someone who may be at a crossroads in their life. Think of it as a Guidance Gift Card for the person of your choice. We not only have transformations throughout life, but transitions to the after life as well. Currently, I'm working with a few people who have been diagnosed with terminal illnesses and are taking their lives by the horns for the remainder of time that they have left. And because every disease is triggered by emotional and mental trauma, healing can occur. One just said it was the best decision they've ever made...
Pay what you can- for the rest of the year I am offering donation based services to those in need of my guidance. A goal I have is to help people heal their wounds so they can live the life of their dreams. Don't let money stop you.
Accessible Guidance- a monthly membership program to have access to me when you need it without having to schedule an appointment. Leave me a five minute voice memo throughout the month when something comes up or triggers you and I'll respond with tools and guidance to help. You'd be surprised that just getting it out helps. 
Individual Transformative Experiences- pick the dates that work for you and let me guide you through the work. Save $1500 if you secure a spot for 2023 by the end of the this year. A limited number of spaces are available. 

The Substitute
Wouldn't it be nice to have anything you wanted? Wouldn't you be able to breathe a little easier? Well, there is no need to wait on either, but if you need a reminder of just how healing the breath can be, try The Substitute. You can use it anywhere and it can also control snacking and smoking habits too. No tobacco. No toxins. Simply air. Give the gift that can change someone's life or extend it, for that matter. It's only $20 and with free international shipping, you have nothing to lose (other than a few pounds, unwanted stress or anxiety, physical pain, etc.). Just breathe.
My Books- Available on Amazon and Audible 
You only live once so there's no time like the present to chase your dreams!
You can have the mind, body, and soul that you want, you just have to envision it, then chase it one day at a time...
My Fragrances- Cuff, Sex, and Lust (all unisex)
You could enhance your sex life, simply by using a scent. Try one or get the threesome to try them all... 

Intimate Conversations with Lady Kendra 

Please join me every Monday evening on Instagram Live as I talk about life and such. Feel free to leave a comment or ask a question. This week I discussed capitalism and consumerism. Next week I'll be discussing corruption. Join the conversation at 9pm CET or get a front row seat. Now hosting Intimate Conversations in person in Florence, Italy from 7-10pm. Good conversation, great people, thought provoking experiences.
Follow the journey @kendraleonard.

Find yourself.