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How transformation happens...

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How transformation happens...

How transformation happens...

one step at a time.

Once upon a time...

I worked at Banana Republic. It was there that I met my husband, Miguel. Thirteen years ago today, he died. Even though he had leukemia, cancer of the blood, I was extremely optimistic. In the beginning, I was hopeful, but then reality sunk in, he was going to die, and I was to be a widow at 30. It wasn't something that I was really prepared for as this was my first experience with death, but I read a lot and learned what was going to happen in the end. And since my name means knowledgeable, I read everything I could get my hands on to learn about death and what that transition looked like. After his death, I went back to work and was passed over for a promotion. That was when I realized that I loved what I did, but couldn't do it there any more, so I decided to open a store of my own. That came to be The Art of Style.

For ten years I had my store and was working on building an empire when it was destroyed in the riots two years ago. That was a different kind of death to deal with. But as we all know, out of death comes life. It is a vicious cycle, but if we can learn to accept it, it does make it easier. By accepting my husband's death, I could move on with my life. And when I was able to accept the loss of my store, that led me to Italy. Now I am embarking on a whole new life and way of being. But I would not be here without those experiences. Those, along with the birth of my daughter at the age of 20, shaped my life forever. And now I am writing a new story (metaphorically and literally). 

Each day that I live is an adventure waiting to be cherished. And I have come to appreciate life more once I discovered how quickly it would pass. No matter if you're in a transition, or wanting to transit somewhere, know that you get there by taking small incremental steps. Transition doesn't often happen over night, it does take time. I'm a completely different person than I was at 20, 30, and 40. And I am so excited about who I'll become at 50. But I'm working on her everyday and feel the support of those still here and those who have passed. You are writing your story every day, too. What will your story be today and how are you transforming into what you want to become?
To get to the other side...
For those of you who are going through a tough time, a transition, or some sort of loss, know that you aren't alone. If you need a guide to get you through this hard period, know that I am here to fully support you in getting you out of this place and stepping gracefully into the next platform of your life. Sometimes it helps to talk things through with someone who is not in your inner circle. We all need someone to talk to about what is going on in our lives, and I have found over the years that a lot of people don't openly share with the ones they love. But having a trusted confidant who is nonjudgemental allows you to vent out your frustrations, say every thing you need (want) to say, and allow that toxicity to leave your life so that you can move on to the next big thing. Stop spinning your wheels and getting no where fast. Instead, learn how to accept things as they are and let them go as fast as they come. Practice makes perfect, and having someone in your corner to encourage you helps. Consider scheduling a session with me if you are having trouble getting started with something or letting go of something else. The only way to move forward is to let go of the past. 
Happily ever after...

Going to Italy is a dream come true and it can be for you too! This Saturday will be the last day to sign up for my very first Transformative Experience from November 1-3. Spend three days with me and learn the ropes of life, how to heal from your wounds of the past, create the life of your dreams while living in the present moment where all bliss happens. This is a practice that I teach to show you how to live more fully and abundantly, each and every day. But in order to do so, you must do the work. I am here to guide you through all the hard stuff, asking you all the difficult questions, so that you can identity your pattern and progress to the next level of life. All of us want to live a happy life, and deserve this happiness too, it is your birthright. If you can't make the first session, there are several other options at the moment: November 29-December 1, January 3-5, February 14-16, and March 21-23. Contact me to secure your spot or for more details should you have any questions. 

The Substitute
A quick way to get to transformation is to just breathe. Breathing is the number one way to be present in the moment -you have to pay attention though. It is also the only way to calm down the nervous system. If we all took more time out of our daily lives to practice this consciously, our world would transform. And that is my goal, to help the world, one person at a time. The Substitute is my way of helping millions of people. Whether you smoke or not, whether you're stressed out or not, The Substitute is a device that helps you breathe more consciously, without any negative side effects. No toxins. No tobacco. Simply air. How could something so simple change your life? Try it. Then you will see how this little thing helps you breathe easier, relax your muscles, calms you down, and makes you feel lighter, brighter and better. Also helps you curb your eating habits too. There are a ton of other uses, but you can figure out how The Substitute works for you in your life and all the positive reinforcements that it gives. 
The Books
You can listen to or read about my journey with Miguel and his death in my first book, you only live once. 
You can learn more about my transformation and tips to help you during yours in my second book, mind.body.soul.
The Fragrances
Scent is another way to evoke change. It could turn heads, arouse others, or even make you feel sexier. The olfactory senses are the ones that connect us to memories. Memories can have a powerful impact on our mood. Creating a story or mood for that matter can bring about a transformation in you. All three fragrances are unisex.
Intimate Conversations with Lady Kendra
Please join me every Monday evening on Instagram Live as I talk about life and such. Feel free to leave a comment or ask a question. Tomorrow I am talking about the death of my husband and what that transition was like. Get a front row seat or join the conversation at 9pm CET. Now hosting Intimate Conversations in person. Good conversation, great people, incredible experiences. Follow the journey @kendraleonard.
Find yourself.