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Use your influence for good...

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Use your influence for good...

Use your influence for good...

and come celebrate the night with us!

The power of influence

Influence is the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something, or the effect itself. With this in mind, it begs to question, what kind of influence do you have on this world and the people in it? You influence people every single day whether you are aware of it of not. Random strangers, your family members, and your friends are all impacted by your life force energy and how you show up each and every day. Your actions and behaviors have consequences, and that impacts others people, which has a butterfly effect. Not that you exude any pressure per say, but the importance of your position (or lack thereof over another) does indeed have a ripple effect. As they say, your clout goes a long way. Since you have this much power and authority over others, think about having domination that over yourself. You do control what you do, what you say, and how you act. And since we are all in a position of leadership (to be the best that each of us can be), we should leverage that prestige and govern ourselves the way that we deem worthy. What matters to you? What do you want out of this one life? Give it significance and go after every little dream with gusto. Then use your reputation, your money, and your network to make a positive repercussion out there. 

Your weight in gold
Did you know that your energy is your currency? What is that worth to you? It is important to ask these questions so that you can determine how you feel when interacting with others and spending your precious time in places. When you are around people that light you up, you shine brighter and perform better. On the other hand, when people are sucking the light out of you or dimming your light, your may just get burned out. Pay attention to those little leprechauns inside your head, gut punch in your stomach, or that flutter in your heart. You can start to get a sense of what resides within to guide you to the proverbial pot of gold when it comes to friendships, relationships, or situationships, Once you've found what makes you tick or twirl for that matter, you start to become light as a feather, and float on forever. If you need help finding your light, turning it back on, or flipping switches, let me know. Together we can talk through what you want and how to get it, step by step as you regain your power and authority in your life to be the captain of your own ship to discover all the treasures you were meant to find along this journey called life.
TAOS Gallery Showcase tonight with Marco Fariello
Tonight is the night! Please join us for the very first Florence Friday Showcase that will never be repeated again (as each artist is different, of course). I have had the pleasure of getting to know Marco over the last month, visit his gorgeous studio in Santo Spirito, and admire his artwork and soul. Come meet him from 7-10pm this evening or you can always check out his bio here: Born in Naples in 1993, Marco Fariello has always showed a great interest in art because in Naples he was surrounded by an incredible amount of artwork and culture. Despite the fact that his biggest passion had always been painting, he initially studied in a scientific high school and only in 2014, he finally had the chance to follow his biggest dream, to study art in Florence. In this incredible city he would be introduced to the art disciplines at the Academy of Fine Art and meanwhile learn traditional art privately. In 2019, Fariello graduated from the Academy of Fine Art and started his three year journey as a student at the Florence Academy of Art, founded by Daniel Graves, where he could intensely develop his technical skills. Marco Fariello was also part of Figuarativas 2023 with his painting "Do you know thyself?" He is currently teaching and painting in his studio, in Palazzo Guadagni in Florence.
The Substitute 

If you didn't realize how much breathing has an influence on your well being, it's time to check in. Have you been holding your breath throughout the day? When is the last time you stopped for a moment to relax? In fact, breathing is one of the fastest ways to relax. If you heart is pounding, or your anxiety starts creeping in, all you need to do is just breathe and the little monsters run away. Of course you can do this on your own, but we sometimes forget to just breathe. So I designed The Substitute to help with just that- breathing. But the side effects are priceless. The Substitute reduces stress, anxiety, depression, nervosa, heart rate, blood pressure, boosts energy levels, increases stamina, massages organs, detoxifies and purifies the blood, rejuvenates cells to make you look younger, improves sleep habits and digestion, and raises your consciousness and awareness. The Substitute not only has a great influence on your life, but the lives of others. It is the perfect gift to give and get, as it also gives you the gift of life. And speaking of new life, The Substitute is now available in silver and gold! If you want something shiny and new, be one of the first to order this new version of The Substitute. Same design, same benefits, no tobacco, no toxins, simply air, use it anywhere (and look good while doing so).

The Books- Available on Amazon and Audible (and Italian!)
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The Books- Available on Amazon and Audible (and Italian!)
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