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What Does Freedom Mean to You?

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What Does Freedom Mean to You?

What Does Freedom Mean to You?

I just want to be free to be me...

Freedom is a state of mind

We can choose to experience freedom in any given circumstance. Freedom of choice can simply mean getting up and leaving the room, a relationship, a house, or a job. Most of us feel obligated to stay in an unhealthy environment or any of the other things I mentioned, out of fear. Fear keeps us trapped. Love for what we truly desire is our catalyst to make a change. But we must have courage to step up and make something better for ourselves. When we choose to take chance and step into the unknown, we open ourselves up for a new adventure. One that will most likely lead us to places we never even imagined. Take a moment to envision the life of your dreams and write down the vision of your future. Doing so makes it real and writing gets it out of your head and into the world. On this Independence Day, take time to visualize what true freedom would mean for you in your life and go after it. Don't let the voices in your head stop you. Don't let others take away your freedom, when you do, you give your power away. When I ask people what they want in life, most don't know. However, after asking several other questions, most arrive at the same answer: FREEDOM. Freedom to do what they want, when they want. In my world, the things I love to do are spending time with friends and family, practicing meditation and yoga, reading and writing, and walking in nature, all of which are free. What if we all quit our jobs today and did what we really wanted to do with our lives instead of slaving away and working our lives away and giving a large portion to the government to do God knows what with? Something to think about on this day we claim our independence.

Need help finding freedom?

If you or someone you know needs help finding more freedom in their lives, consider scheduling a session with me. Together we can work through your limiting beliefs and self sabotaging behaviors that keep you from having the freedom you desire. We were all born free, but through society's rules and dominance we have been caged. You have the key to unlock the future life that you so desire. It is yours for the taking. Stop being a victim.


Another way to freedom is to recognize that the tobacco companies have been lying to you this whole time. What we crave is the breath. When you smoke a cigarette, you take 20 long inhales and 20 long exhales. Therefore, your nervous system resets. It's really about breathing. Instead of getting cancer and other dis-eases caused from the chemicals in cigarettes, you could just heal yourself and calm your nerves by simply breathing air. However, we are so stressed these days that we don't even realize how often we are holding our breath. When you consciously breathe, you are also connected to the present moment, the only thing we actually have. You have the freedom of choice to continue to be controlled or you can start taking action to take control of yourself. Stop being dependent on the system, the never ending system of buying packs of cigarettes and lighters, not to mention if you do eventually get sick and have to really enter our healthcare system. You have to take care of yourself. THE SUBSTITUTE will last you a lifetime and can be used for many other things. Besides, there is no tobacco, no toxins, simply air, which means you can use it anywhere. JUST BREATHE and find your path back to freedom.

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