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Let's Celebrate Mother Earth...

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Let's Celebrate Mother Earth...

How do you celebrate her?
Today is Earth Day beautiful souls, go outside and enjoy all the beauty this planet has to offer! There are so many ways to honor Mother Earth, my favorite is simply being with her. Anytime I go out into nature, it is an explosion of colors, sounds, and smells. Appreciating her beauty and thanking her for delivering these many gifts to us is a good place to start. Have you ever gone to the beach and just stood there with your feet in the sand and stared out at the great expanse and listened to the waves crash over and over again? Have you ever noticed that every sunrise and sunset are breathtaking and ever changing in their expression of colors? Have you ever sat on the top of a mountain, taken a deep breath of that fresh air and looked out over the scenic view below in disbelief? Have you been in a body of water and felt the strength and support of it around you simultaneously? I'd venture to say that you probably have had at least one of these experiences, but have you evert stopped to say 'thank you?'

What are some things you can do to help her?

After you've given her proper thanks, you will find that she supports you. She grounds you. She allows all of the negative energy to come out of you and she neutralizes your body. She needs to feel our feet on her. Whether it is on the grass, in the sand, or dancing in the rain, she supports us, but we then must do our part. We only have one Mother Earth after all. Of course the basics, reduce, reuse, and recycle comes to mind. Reduce your waste by carrying a reusable water bottle, carrying recyclable bags with you when you go shopping, walk, cycle, carpool, or take public transportation instead of driving. Go dark for the day (no technology) and change your light bulbs to LED. Stop printing unnecessary paper/receipts, and separate your trash at home and look for ways to recycle when your out in public if you can. Every little bit can make a difference and we all can make a difference to change the world. Challenge your friends and family (in a healthy way of course) to adopt some of the basic philosophies. You can always plant a tree, start a garden, go solar, volunteer or donate to an environmental charity, the list goes on. Find yourself loving on your planet by any number of ways. Please, just start doing something...
The Substitute
Another way to thank Mother Earth is to stop or reduce smoking, and never throw you butt out on her.
The Substitute can help you do just that. If you really want to quit, or just want to take the edge off without taking an edge of your lung with it, consider trying The Substitute. No tobacco, no toxins, simply air. Just breathe.
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